Lonely Cat Games

17 09 2008

I thought I’d just highlight the great products from Lonely Cat Games (LCG). I’ve been using their products for years now since my very 1st S60 device and I must say they have probably the best S60 app in LCG X-Plore (File Manager + more).

LCG X-Plore is always one of the 1st apps I install on any phone as it can handle zip, rar, txt, mp3, mp4, etc.. files directly from the application. Hey it can even copy all the files you have been sent my text or bluetooth and allow you to move or copy them to the memory card.

Another of my favourites is LCG Slick, this is in beta at the moment and FREE, but its a workhorse and can handle IM for Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber and ICQ. I recently ditched Slick for Palringo as I have 2 Gtalk accounts I need to run at the same time, but Palringo has been acting strangely lately and no one told me you can use Jabber for Gtalk by changing the host to talk.google.com, so LCG Slick is back on all the gerrymoth mobiles.

I’ve recently purchased a E71 and had been happy using the new Nokia Email with the N73, N95 8GB and E61, but when I installed on my newly purchased E71 I kept getting System Errors, so I installed LCG Profimail again and for the last 2 days I’m back loving it again. I have all my email accounts running checking every 5 minutes and it notifies me with a popup on whatever screen I’m on and an audio notification. Honestly Nokia should look at LCG Profimail for how email should be handled.

I used to and still have a license for LCG Jukebox and LCG SmartMovie, but I don’t use as much as the build-in Music Player, Nokia Internet Radio and Coreplayer have overtaken these LCG products, but this may change as I’ve started to really like all the LCG products on my E71.

So why don’t you go over to http://www.lonelycatgames.com and download the trial/beta applications and have a play around with them yourself and see what you think and post your comments back to me.

Checkout all the screenshots I’ve taken from the E71 for LCG X-Plore, Slick and Profimail over on my Share on OVI LCG Channel HERE




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