What’s Installed in the Nokia E71

23 09 2008

What’s installed in the Nokia E71:


Pre-Installed in the Nokia E71:

Nokia Maps v2.0 (FREE 90 days Drive & Walk License provided)

Nokia Share Online v3.0.08.19

Nokia Search v4.00 (Who needs Google Search app?)

Nokia Dictionary

Nokia Podcasting v1.10.1

Nokia Active Notes

Nokia MultiScanner

Psiloc Wireless Presenter v2.23

Advanced Call Manager v2.68

Nokia Team Suite is now imbedded into Contacts

QuickOffice v4.1.35.0 (Full Version)

RT Global Racer


What gerrymoth has installed on the Nokia E71:

Nokia OVI Sync

Nokia Chat

Nokia Sports Tracker

Nokia Internet Radio

LCG X-Plore

LCG Slick

LCG Profimail


Google Maps



Sky Anytime

Skype for 3





Opera Mini


Profile Scheduler

Theme Scheduler

Fake Messages

Epocware Handy Taskman

Epocware Handy Clock

Kylom Projekt


Jaiku Mobile


Mobileways Remote S60 Pro


Psiloc irRemote




15 responses

23 09 2008

I couldn’t get Mobbler to work on my E71 loaner

23 09 2008

I’m using Mobbler v0.2.4 over 3G and Wifi with no problems

23 09 2008

Check out the image at :-

23 09 2008

Kylom Projekt.. Do you use it often and if so for what all applications.. additionally can it data file be exported and used on PC and later imported

24 09 2008

I use Projekt for task scheduling in my workplace. I’ll quickly create the schedule on my phone and then create the full detailed one using MS Project when back in the office, but I still have the basic one with key target dates on my phone always.

You can export and import data, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and work out the format it needs to be in

24 09 2008

excellent i use MS project quite often and I need a software to carry my task list and i can tick off what is over.. but I see there is no option to export from mobile Projekt to MS project .. what about vice versa..

9 10 2008
Tom Lewis

Any chance of a link for the sky anytime that works on the e71?


9 10 2008

Okay I’ve added a link in the Downloads page for all you E71 owners 🙂

9 10 2008
Tom Lewis

thanks 🙂

shame it wont let me watch it says push 1, it doesnt work 😦

9 10 2008

If you mean the Sky Mobile TV, your network needs to allow it. 3UK don’t do it and I thinks its only orangle and t-mobile. I mostly use the Sky Anytime application for SKY+ Remote Record and Sky Vidiprinter for the football results live.

10 10 2008
Tom Lewis

Do you know if there is a working blackberry app for the E71?

28 05 2009

hey gerry im having a awful time trying to use sky mobile tv ,,,it states that my phone is not supported i have a e71 unlocked using on o2 uk network, with latest firm ware, any ideas would be much appericated?

28 05 2009

You’ll find a link to download the Sky Anytime app in my Downloads page (The HERE one).

30 05 2009

hey Gerry thank you so much took a lil messing around but everyting is up and running,,,,Question tho where i use the bbc iplayer app it offers a upgrade will i take this option or should i stick with the current version.???

also is there any way i can watch channel 4 on demand , or itv player on my e71.

another question,,, regarding Sky mobile, is the tv option avaible to o2 uk customers,,, i also have sky tv at home, just when i select tv and choose a option it states contact network to set up sky mobile.

26 06 2009
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