BBC iPlayer Widget Released Officially (UK Only)

1 10 2008

The BBC have officially released what they are calling the BBC iPlayer application (its a widget) for the N95 and possibly the N78, N79, etc..

Download directly from the BBC Website and you can only use via wifi at the moment:




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2 10 2008
Arjun Parsi

only for UK……..

2 10 2008

Thanks Arjun, I’ve amended the heading. I watch The Pink Floyd Story on the N95 8GB last night for 60 minutes and it seemed to work fine.

2 10 2008

Installs on an E71 but the links at the top of the screen don’t work (‘Home’, ‘Channels, ‘Categories’ and ‘Search’).

It also complains about the user agent (wonder if that can be spoofed or something?)

3 10 2008

For all you E71 owners who want to use this widget, I’m managed to hack at the widget and include the E71 as one of the allowable devices. Download from

3 10 2008

hi.. i do not have the Web Runtime (WRT) app. is there a download for it….thanx

5 10 2008

@gerrymoth, thanks for sticking that file up, I’d failed massively to make it work..thanks!

19 10 2008

@gerrymoth I downloaded your hack for e71 but it wont install any help appreciated


19 10 2008

@gerrymoth I downloaded your hack for e71 but it wont install any help appreciated

Sorted already Thanks

29 10 2008

Morning – have you hacked this for the E61i??

29 10 2008

Sorry Tim, the new Beta v1.5 wouldn’t allow me to hack it for the E71, so I can try hacking the old version which doesn’t have radio for you? email me and I’ll post u the file

1 11 2008

how do you force it to connect by WAN… whenever I run the app it always wants to connect by 3 (my service provider)

8 04 2009

Dose anyone know if BBC I Player will work on the Nokia N79 ive downloaded it but unable to get it to work. has anyone got any idears or got it working yet. ?

26 07 2009
Sam Wardill

It says on here that you can now play iplayer on e71 without a hack. Is this right? However, when I install and try to download a programme I keep getting the error message ‘download failed’. Any ideas?

13 10 2009

re N79 no i cant get it to work either – help please !

13 10 2009

Try installing the version meant for the E71 & N95 to see if it works? or is this the one ur using?

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