Epocware Handy Shell – Full Release

1 10 2008

Epocware Handy Shell


Epocware have released the full version of Handy Shell. Handy Shell application will completely replace your active Standby screen with 3 additional views and will provide you with advanced launcher, Weather forecast, customizable settings and much more! Or so Epocware say!

I’ve downloaded and been playing with this for an hour or so and its nice and customisable, but will need to give it a few days to see if I’d really pay $49 for it. Oh that $49 also includes a 1yr subscription to Handy Weather.




3 responses

13 10 2009
paul wilkerson

hi, thought about using this but had a couple of questions:

1. I know others have posted that it doesn’t register MfE notifications for email, but i only use MfE for google calender synchronisation… Does that show up on home screen?

2. Does Handy Shell change anything about the messaging software on the E71? Specifically, does it enable viewing messages as conversation threads? If not, does anyone know of an application that does this for the E71?

Many thanks,


13 10 2009

1. Calendar entries show up on the Handy Shell homescreen, its just ordinary phone Calendar entries.

2. Handy Shell doesn’t change the messaging application on the E71. I use Free-iSMS for iphone like threaded messaging on my E71 and 5800XM, but you need to sign Free-iSMS with a developers certificate.

15 10 2009
Paul Wilkerson


Can’t find on any website if Free-iSMS does the job for email AND sms or just sms…

Also, can you please tell me how to “sign Free-iSMS with a developers certificate”… seen lots of threads where other users are having difficulty…


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