PenguinTV on the N800

2 10 2008

Just noticed PenguinTV in the Maemo Extras repos and thought I’d download and try, becasuse when I visited the website to see what it could do, I was very very interested:-

– One-button downloading of new videos and podcasts
– Integrated media player based on GStreamer.
– Integrated search with context highlighting
– BitTorrent support
– Tagging categorization, no ugly trees
– Works well with two feeds or two hundred
– Multiple window layouts, including two-pane “Planet” style, classic, widescreen, and vertical style
– Sync media to external folders or USB devices
– Support for OPML subscription files
– Auto-tuning polling, so that PenguinTV only polls feeds as often as they update
– Powered by Mark Pilgrim’s famous feedparser
– Support for Apple iTunes podcast links

The version in the repos is v3.8 while the website is still only quoting v3.6.

I’ll need to give it a good test via wifi tonight as my 3G connection during the day can be flaky.




3 responses

2 10 2008

Awesome! I knew there was a reason I brought my N810 to work today.

7 10 2008

Noticed there was an update for PenguinTV in the Application Manager, but since installing the update, when I open a feed, I can return to the list of feeds. Which is bloody annoying. Going to totally remove and reinstall to see if it fixes it?

8 10 2008

New update to PenguinTV tonight which fixes the return to feeds problem, YES 🙂

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