BBC iPlayer v1.5 Download, Radio & 3G Added

7 10 2008

If you open the BBC iPlayer on your N95 8GB you’ll notice there is an update available to download. This new update now allows you to connect via 3G (only tested with 3UK network) and adds the ability to download a show for viewing up to 7 days later and best of all they have added the radio streams into the app, so you can listen to BBC radio stations live or listen again to any show from the last 7 days.

This is working great on the N95 8GB, but I’ve been unable to hack it like the last version to work on the E71 😦




13 responses

7 10 2008

How do you obtain the update?

7 10 2008

Forget that, early morning! 😛

7 10 2008

AH! Getting an activation code error when I download anything via wifi. BBC YOU SUCK!

14 10 2008
Brian Docherty

Are you able to download on N95 8GP ? Most users get a not supported message after download completes (with an activation message)

15 10 2008

I downloaded it directly from onto the N95 8GB. Works okay on my phone apart from downloading programmes.

30 10 2008

It won’t play or download on my n95 8gb ! What can I do?!?!

31 10 2008

@sam: I just downloaded and its working on the N95 8GB, I don’t know what else to try. Been reading threads over on AllAboutSymbian and no ones found a hack for it yet?

3 11 2008

I’m sorry to sound dumb but does anyone know if I can get around the problem that iplayer on my n95 only works over wifi. If I try to connect via o2 3G access point it says switch to wifi mode? Anyone know a work around cos it would be so much better to be able to watch tv out & about

3 02 2009

Can someone please tell me how set my nokia E71 so that when I connect from the iplayer widget it does so via WiFi???!!!

3 02 2009

To use wifi with the E71 and BBC iPlayer you need to have the web browser set at ‘Always Ask’ and the RealPlayer set as the wifi connection. When u open BBC iPlayer it will then ask what connection u want to use and then when you play a programme the real player will use the wifi connection.

16 02 2009

where can u download it for the e71? Because it isnt in the Download! bit of the menu on the phone. Where as It is already dowloaded on my 5800.

16 02 2009

it doesnt come up on my n95 either actually.

23 03 2009

really stuck bought e71 today havent got a clue how to download bbc iplayer onto phone plz help

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