UPDATE: Skype for 3 (v2.00.26) Audio Notification Works

9 10 2008

Thanks to a nokiAAddict reader Glenn for informing me Skype for 3 has been updated to v2.00.26 which fixes the audio notification which never worked in the previous version, so now anytime you get a chat message your phone vibrates and gives an audio indication.

Download directly from 3 using the web broswer pointing to http://mobile.three.co.uk/sdf/skypeupdate




4 responses

13 10 2008

Guys, the link to download the skype update does not work. It redirects to the 3 homepage. Do you have a current link?


13 10 2008

Dur, just to answer my own question. The links only work if you connect using 3’s network. I will resist commenting on this short-sighted, money-grabbing move…

20 10 2008
Nokia addict admirer

Hello, Thank you for informing.The download link is not woorking? Do you have the skype.sis file? Thanks.

20 10 2008

The link above will only work for people actually with 3 network and accessed from their mobiles. I have extracted the SIS file and this is freely available in my Downloads section.

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