UPDATE: Nokia MultiScanner v1.1.8

16 10 2008

If you open Nokia MultiScanner on your E71 and ‘Check for upgrades’ you be suprised to see there is actually an update for it. What this update adds, hell knows, as it doesn’t provide us with any new features, so possibly just bug fixes. One thing the update did provide was the opportunity for me to extract the SIS file from the download and I’ve made it available to everyone in the nokiAAddict Downloads page.




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16 10 2008
UPDATE: Nokia MultiScanner v1.1.8 - Cartões de visita no celular | rodrigostoledo.com

[…] NokiAAddict, e para baixar e testar, visite a página de Downloads. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “UPDATE: Nokia […]

28 10 2008

Thanx Gerry; I’d been hunting around the net like a wild animal for this application for over a month… You are a savior!!! Thanx again!

5 11 2008

Think it would work on the N73 or N78?

5 11 2008

I tried it on my N73 and got nowhere with it.

9 11 2008

Does not work with N73 and n91

3 01 2009

Does the Multiscanner work on the E63?

3 01 2009

Robert: Should work on the E63 as its virtually the exact same firmware used in the E71.

13 01 2009

Does not move a finger on Nokia E51

10 04 2009

how come when i installed multi scanner on my e71..an “update error” message showed?

23 07 2009

Pls can anyone help me with Nokia multiscanner download site.

25 07 2009

Download Multiscanner HERE

29 07 2009

Hey thanks man I’ve been dying to get this app on my Nokia E71 ………its a blessing………
keep it up ………..

3 08 2009

hi, i downloaded the file and installed it on my e71. however, it shows “update error”. pls help thanks

3 08 2009

Not sure why your getting that?

19 09 2009

Helo, i installed it on my n85 but cand find where is icon so i can run it

20 12 2009

does not work on S60v3 FP2 like nokia n85 86 96…….. 😦

14 03 2010

Does NOT work on S60v5

Have tried it on N97

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