The N96 is in da house

24 10 2008

DHL have just delivered the Nokia N96 which was nicely given to my by WOMWorld/Nokia for 4 weeks as part of the N96 Trial Challenge.

My nokiAAddict N96 Challenge page is now active and I’ll be updateing with photos, video and general thoughts on the N96.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the Ninja Outfit, its all part of the N96 Challenge.




5 responses

24 10 2008
Arjun Parsi

I want one waaaaaaaaa…..

24 10 2008

I so totally envy you right now lol.

25 10 2008
Nokia Daily News - 10/24/08 | Nokia Daily News

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25 10 2008
Meet NinjaDotsisx & Help Her In The N96 Challenges |

[…] NinjaMark, a fierce competitor with a flame in his eyes and a weapon in his hand. Third is NinjaGerry: don’t be fooled by the nice flowered wall pattern behind him, he’ll give no bouquets […]

26 10 2008

Im still waiting for my black box to arrive.! Good luck to everyone in the running.

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