The MUST HAVE app for any mobile blogger

27 10 2008

Calling all WordPress and Blogger users, get totally mobile with your Nokia S60 phone using Telewaving’s Wavelog.

The gerrymoth is now free of the PC when trying to post directly from his phone, including photos taken from my camera or Screenshots, to 3 separate WordPress and 1 new Blogger sites.

Ever since moving to WordPress I’ve been forced to use either Wordpy on the N800 or scribe on E71 and add images later or revert to the PC to get the direct link to the image stored in OVI to then add the link back into scribe, but no more. With Wavelog its just a simple add image selected from the phones gallery, add text and post. Yipee!

Even if you get your post wrong, don’t worry, just fletch your posts back from WordPress or Blogger, redo and commit changes.

You can add images, audio, video, links, etc… Just about anything you can do online, oh I use free

Initially with Blogger I had a few problems posting images from my phone, but maybe I should have read the Wavelog User Manual as it states in there you need to setup a Picasa and YouTube account prior to sending any images or videos. Thanks to the Telewaving Team for the email reminding me of this 🙂

This whole post was sent from my E71 using Wavelog.




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27 10 2008

Hey, I didn’t like the size of the images on this post, so just fetched the post using Wavelog, resized and committed changes.

This is def going to be the most used app on my E71 now 🙂

28 10 2008

Just what I was looking for. I am gone try it. Thanks for the tip.

30 10 2008

Does it allow you to approve comments etc?

30 10 2008

@Whatleydude: No it doesn’t allow you to approve comments. WordPress really need to sort their site to allow more than what it has at the moment.

1 11 2008
Ricky Cadden

If you’ve got a self-hosted WordPress setup, I’d highly recommend the WPhone plugin. It offers a mobile-friendly dashboard, so that you can login from *any* phone and approve comments, publish posts, etc. I use it on S-G and it’s awesome for that.

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