Facebook Chat on the E71

29 10 2008

Just installed Trutap onto the E71 to try out Facebook Chat and it seems to work quite well. Tried to add the Facebook status updater, but Facebook.com is having problems adding the application.

Anyway, back to Facebook chatting on Trutap. Had a conversation with a few friends this morning to try it out and it all works fine, but did notice that it adds text to ur message saying u are sending from Trutap mobile, not a big thing, but nice if it just sent the message without the ad!

You can use most IM accounts in Trutap like gtalk, yahoo, msn, etc… and you can also add a few blogging sites like Blogger, WordPress, flickr, etc…




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30 10 2008
Nokia Daily News - 10/29/08 | Nokia Daily News

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5 01 2010
Noble Peter

i just installed opera mini on my nokia e71 and it’s great. facebook opened quite alright but i have a problem with chatting. After typing a message sending it is a problem, tried press enter on my phone but it is still not sending. Any helping hands please cantact @ noble4peter1@yahoo.com.


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