Facebook in Download!

3 11 2008

I got a bit excited when I noticed Facebook in the Download! application on my N96, I quickly installed thinking it would be a new app with maybe chat features, but that excitement soon faded when I opened the app to realise its just a widget to open the mobile site. Bummer!

Source: SymbianPlanet.net

Download: HERE




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3 11 2008

great news

3 11 2008
3 11 2008

Hi Mauikek, I’ll try and workout how to do a pingback to your site as I noticed this on my Google Reader from your site, but was in Italian. I love your site for Themes, its made me change them more often on my mobiles.

3 11 2008

Thanks Gerry..
I love your site..
I think is the better place for the Symbian news…

In Italy don’t see the email nokia…
I think is only in England…

3 11 2008
Kevin Neely

bummer, I got excited too, but this is just a glorified bookmark

3 11 2008
Mike Bowen

If you want Facebook chat on your mobile, why not head over to Trutap – Their Facebook Chat works very well. I have it installed on my Nokia N95 and it works brilliantly, along with the other IM’s (MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, Jabber and AOL).

3 11 2008

@Mike Bowen: I’ve already got TruTap install, checkout http://nokiaaddict.com/2008/10/29/facebook-chat-on-the-e71/ I’d just like a single Facebook app which did everything.

4 11 2008
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[…] are Brightkite (AJAX site), Evernote (AJAX site) and even Facebook (AJAX site), who also recently released a “widget” for S60 which like Nokia’s MOSH is nothing more than a bookmark in the […]

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