I LOVE Nokia FriendView and HATE 3UK Network

6 11 2008

As Stefan would say “Who you doing with your Friends”?

Well I finally got the Nokia FriendView mobile application to work on my E71 via Wifi last night and straight from the off I’m tipping this to be the app of the year from Nokia.

Microblogging with maps and gps support, its totally won me over and its lightening fast. I’ve not seen an app work like this on any of my phones. I know its beta and there have been a few slight problems with the website, but the Betalabs guys are working hard to fix. Now I can’t say the same for 3UK Network who are blocking the mobile application from being used over 3G mobile internet connection. I so want to use this app as I travel, but all we are getting off 3 Support so far is “The application is not supported by 3”. We know its not a 3 frigging app, but it just uses the internet and I tthough 3 had removed their WALLED GARDEN, but it looks like some of the bricks are still in place?




2 responses

7 11 2008


Just tried this on my 6220c on 3UK and I get an HTTP request timed out.

Looks like 3UK are blocking it.

11 11 2008
How To: Avoid Silly 3G Restrictions By Your Operator | Symbian-Guru.com

[…] to give up, and curse my luck for having committed to a 24-month contract, until I found out that Gerry Moth and Alan Buckley had the same 3G issue with operator 3 in the UK. Aha, so after all, it was a […]

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