The Blame Game: Nokia v 3UK Network

11 11 2008

When Nokia Betalabs released FriendView last week I was quick to download, install and eager to try out, but I hit a slight problem with HTTP Timeouts over 3G connection only (connects and works great over wifi). I quickly emailed Nokia Betalabs team and got a even quicker reply stating there must be a problem with my network (3UK) as the FriendView application only uses http and if I could access the website from my phone I must be able to access via the application.

So thinking to myself 3UK must be blocking the http address or the port maybe, I rushed to phone and email 3 to explain the problem. 6 days later and I’m still waiting from a response as a normal 3 customer, but luckily I have online friends on Twitter & Jaiku who know people in 3 directly and they have come back to be with the official response from 3 Technical Support – “We are not blocking anything which would stop the Nokia FriendView application from working, but remember its a beta application”.

Great, Nokia say its 3UK and 3UK say its Nokia.


I’ve been talking with other Nokia FirendView users who are on T-Mobile and 02 Networks in the UK and they don’t seem to be having any problems accessing this BETA application using the same Nokia E71, N95 and n96 mobile phones that I have been trying, so I’m still of the opinion its a 3UK Network problem.

So it looks like FriendView is going to be a wifi only application for 3UK customer for awhile then!




2 responses

16 11 2008

3 UK should be ashamed of themselves! At home I run windows vista Media Center and I hve a plugin called webguide4 which allows me to connect to my pc to set recordings, view pics etc. Whenever I try to strem content it always fail on the 3G network – over wifi no problems, with other mobile networks no problems. Maybee you should start a blog on known blocked apps/sites with 3 ?

16 11 2008

sounds a good idea to keep a list Vinny, I know barneyc has found another site that’s blocked?

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