Nokia viNe Launching this WEEK!

12 11 2008

If you head over to you be greeted with a nice new video explaining Nokia viNe and telling you its coming soon, THIS WEEK.

As part of my N96 Challenge I was sent the latest Nokia viNe application version 1.0 today and I’m here to say its fast and its cool. They have still to send me the online widget to go with the Nokia viNe application, but the Nokia viNe mobile application works great in the N96, N95 8GB and even the E71. I had my reservations about the application when I first got the N96 with Nokia viNe v0.96 installed on it and I slated it for being slow and crashing constantly, but this new version 1.0 is just everything we’d hoped for from Nokia.

When you first run the application after installing, it will ask you for your Nokia Account username/password and then your Sportstracker username/password, yipee Nokia are combining everything together. Hopefully one username/password for all Nokia applications/services 🙂

Honest Nokia viNe is going to ROCK!

Nokia viNe v1.0 - Share on OviNokia viNe v1.0 - Share on OviNokia viNe v1.0 - Share on OviNokia viNe v1.0 - Share on OviNokia viNe v1.0 - Share on OviNokia viNe v1.0 - Share on Ovi




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13 11 2008
13 11 2008
Micky Aldridge

Im having real problems getting viNe to work on my trial N96. 😦

13 11 2008
Nokia viNe noch diese Woche! |

[…] und soll damit auch eine größere Zielgruppe ansprechen. Erste Blogger, wie gerrymoth von nokiAAdict, hatten schon die Möglichkeit mit Version 1.0, also der Final rumzuspielen. Auf seinem Blog […]

25 01 2009

i can not put my picture on vine why ?

25 01 2009

The Nokia viNe site was closed for maintenance the other day, not sure if its back up and running. Check the main site and try sending again 🙂

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