What’s installed in the Nokia E71 (Nov 2008)

17 11 2008

What’s installed in the Nokia E71:

Pre-Installed in the Nokia E71:
Nokia Maps v2.0 (FREE 90 days Drive & Walk License provided)
Nokia Share Online v3.0.08.19
Nokia Search v4.00 (Who needs Google Search app?)
Nokia Dictionary
Nokia Podcasting v1.10.1
Nokia Active Notes
Nokia MultiScanner
Psiloc Wireless Presenter v2.23
Advanced Call Manager v2.68
Nokia Team Suite is now imbedded into Contacts
QuickOffice v4.1.35.0 (Full Version)

What gerrymoth has installed on the Nokia E71:
Nokia OVI Sync
Nokia Chat v1.0 Beta 4
Nokia Sports Tracker v1.82
Nokia Internet Radio
LCG X-Plore v1.30
LCG Slick v0.45
LCG Profimail v2.94
Mobbler v0.3.1
Google Maps
Screenshot v3.0.3
MobiTubia v1.80 Build 4
Sky Anytime
Skype for 3
SplashID v3.4
Opera Mini v4.1
Profile Scheduler
Theme Scheduler
Fake Messages
Epocware Handy Taskman v2.0
Epocware Handy Clock v4.08
Kylom Projekt v1.21
Mobileways Remote S60 Pro
Psiloc irRemote

Jaiku Mobile v0.83
RT Global Racer

Opera Mini 4.2 Beta
Birdstep SmartConnect v1.2.54 (Automatically connect between 3G & Wifi)
Nokia viNe v1.0
Magic Key v1.0 Beta (Swap key functions)
Tankzors (Tanks Game)
GSpaceMobi v1.02 (Use gmail account for extra 7GB storage)
Calcium (Best calculator for the E71)
FriendView v0.823 (Its on, but can’t use via 3G. Come on 3UK get your act together)
UpCode (Barcode reader, as the nokia one doesn’t work)
Wavelog v2.01.2 (Post to WordPress/Blogger from your mobile)
Psiloc Xelnex v1.02 (Record all your calls, without the beep)




8 responses

17 11 2008

Thanks, but what do some of the apps do ? fake messages for example?

17 11 2008

Fake Messages http://www.drjukka.com/FakeMessages.html Its just a fun app which sends fake messages to yourself.

Dr Jukka produces Y-Browser, Profile Scheduler & Theme Scheduler as well.

I’ve got links in my downloads page for most apps, I’ll try update for ones I haven’t.

20 11 2008
Nokia E71: Programas instalados | rodrigostoledo.com

[…] Fonte: Nokia Addict. […]

21 12 2008

Hi Gerry,
i write from Italy. Which is the best app for VOIP, chat etc for my Nokia E71: Nimbuzz, Fring or what else? Thanks

22 12 2008

Currently I use Truphone for VOIP outgoing calls and the built-in SIP (free sipgate account) for incoming calls. Chat I treat seperate and at the moment use Palringo (gtalk, yahoo, aim, nokia chat) and ‘Skype for 3’ app (Skype calls & chat).

23 12 2008

Hi, I see that you use a lot of apps that need to be signed. Do you have a developer certificate oder hacked firmware?

28 12 2008

Hi, great list
i finally found a Profile Scheduler that works!
But I also would like to know more about the applications and what they do. So if you have the time if will be greatly appreciated!

12 01 2009

I find Fake Messages useful, especially when making up an alibi. Hahha

Thanks for this!

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