Birdstep SmartConnect in Download for E71

18 11 2008

I regularly check the Download! application on my phones to see if Nokia add anything new and noticed Birdstep SmartConnect.

During the installation a noticed a message about this version being for selected E-Series phones only, what this actually meant was its FREE for my E71 🙂

So what does SmartConnect do then? Well instead of having to connect manually to 3G connection and Wifi connections separately, you can add all your 3G and Wifi connections into a group and have just one data connection that all apps on your phone can refer to. You can set the priority of the connections as well, which is handy if your mostly mobile and occasionally use Wifi, well it is for me.

Birdstep SmartConnect is very similar to Psiloc Connect apart from Birdstep one is FREE.

Checkout SmartConnect from the Download! application or Download HERE




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18 11 2008


Downloaded it via “download!” and installed on my E71. After configuring it gives me “no license” every time some software is trying to access the group.

18 11 2008

Can you post which phone model, country and network you are using, then we can see who is getting it for free and who isn’t?

18 11 2008

I get the same error after firmware update. With the old firmware I was able to install & user Smartconnect, but now I get “no license”…

E71 on Vodafone in Germany

24 04 2009
Alex M. Esq

I get the same error after firmware update. With the old firmware I was able to install & user Smartconnect, but now I get “no license.” If I go into “Download” I get a trial version.

E71 on Geocell in Georgia. Same on US sim card from ATT b/c it only roams with Geocell. Anyone has any ideas how to solve this? I couldnt find the access points groups feature in the new firmware either.

19 11 2008

Doesn’t work on N95-4. Message about app only being for limited e series phones appears. Looks like it installs but app doesn’t show up anywhere and according to App Manager it’s only 1kb afterwards.

19 11 2008


Me the same! I use E71 from Vodafone in Slovenija. Before Firmware upgrade yesterday, SmartConnect worked. Now….I also have License problem. 😦

My oppinion is that this feature should be a part of Firmware anyways…..

Regards, Klemen

25 04 2009
Alex M. Esq

It should e a part of the firmware like it was on E61i, but is it? I was very surprised when I changed over from e61i to e71 to find out that this task was being handled by a 3rd party app. if anyone has any info how to go around birdstep smartconnect thru the Firmware, pls post.
Alex M.

19 11 2008

I updated to the new firmware v110.07.127 last night and just reinstalled BirdStep SmartConnect and its working okay? I’m sure the app reads the IMEI number of the phone, so it would matter what fw you had? I reinstalled the free Multiscanner, Advanced Call manager and Psiloc WiPresenter okay as well

19 11 2008

I got it working. After deinstallation I deleted the Birdstep-folder on C: an reinstalled the file you’re offering here.

Smartconnect reads out the IMSI for lincense purposes.

Now, the only thing I need again is Video Center in my E71. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in Download!

Can anyone help out?

19 11 2008

I installed and then quickly removed video center as it didn’t play video from youtube or zoo. Not sure if I saved a copy of it, will have a look and if I have I’ll post up for you.

19 11 2008

That’ll be great. BTW, how do you safe files from Download!-application?

19 11 2008

Ah crap, getting ‘Error occured while browsing’ trying to access Download!

19 11 2008

Holy crap, and its just turned the phone off and on, grr!

19 11 2008

Worked out what the problem is, I had update last night via wifi and now in the work on 3G. HoHum! Can’t see Video Center anymore as well 😦

19 11 2008

So, there’s no chance to get this app back to the E71? That’s really sad.

19 11 2008

I’ll see if I can get anyone with it still in Download!

To save stuff when downloading you need to use Y-Browser, just when you have downloaded and it asks to ‘install yes/no’ STOP, then open y-browser and search C: drive for the file, then copy the file to other folder on the memory card.

I might create a video tonight and post on OVI to show you better, I’m not the greatest at describing things sometimes.

19 11 2008

Thank you. Your explanation is fine for me. I just tested it successfully with WorldMate.

I hope, there is someone who has already saved VideoCenter or still has the opportunity to do so.

20 11 2008
Birdstep SmartConnect no Nokia E71 |

[…] Fonte: Nokia Addict. […]

22 11 2008

Thx for savin SmartConnect for me!
Deleting the Birdstep Folder and Installing your File helped, works fine now again after the update messed it up.

26 11 2008

Since I bought E71 I was using Smart Connect it is very useful software and I was happy that it is Free. On E65 I had previously I was using embedded Nokia AP group functionality. After upgrading my E71 I got message form Smart Connect that my version unlicensed. I was so disappointed and unhappy. Suddenly I found this Blog and downloaded Smart connect from here and it works fine as before and licensed again. Thank you very much for it!

27 11 2008
Kevin Neely

Are there any other S60 apps that perform a similar function? I have been looking but unable to find any.

27 11 2008

Kevin this is Psiloc Connect,262325,Psiloc+Connect and I’m sure there is another one, can’t remember the name of it. I’ll try and find for you and if I do post up here.

29 11 2008

Hi, I finally got the VideoCenter from an E90 user. Let me know, if you’re interested for your software collection.

4 12 2008

i got it worknig on my e71 (orange france).
but can anyone explain how i can get it to auto connect
to a NEW/UNKNOWN wifi signal/hotspot?

It seesm you can only define a known hifi signal (like “home” or “work”) ?

4 12 2008

egon: I don’t think it can do that. If you’re wanting to connect to wifi only automatically why not try WeFi for that.

4 12 2008

thanks reply gerry.
but then what is the “autodetect hotspot” setting for?
(under: connection settings / hotspot settings / hotspot autnetication)

4 12 2008

egon: I don’t have a clue, but why not set SmartConnect up with your 3G phone network connection and the wifi connection set as Automatic-WeFi and that way you’ll have what you want ?

4 12 2008

Scrap that last comment, just tried and with Wefi set as a connection in SmartConnect it will not automatically scan.

Still I will be using Automatic-WeFi for Nokia FriendView as my 3G connection doesn’t work with it.

5 12 2008

it’s too bad it doesn’t scan for (unknown) wifi signals when
you want to connect. having to add hotspots manually sort
of brings you back to the original problem.
birdstep is only handy for when you’re always using
hotspots in the saem places. hope they will address thispoint
in future updates

11 12 2008

i cant recieve my text messages unless i switch my phone off then back on again please help

12 12 2008

Birdstep is great but could someoen e-mail or post 1.2.61 as i have the old version from above and it has bugs – have tried to download the new version on my phone but the download fails-hanges for some reason here in canada!?!!?!?!?

29 12 2008

DL Also fails – Canada, using an unlocked USA E-71-2.

21 02 2009

I downloaded the above version 1.2.61 with success, thanks for that

NOTE: Remember to change your App. Mgr Settings to All Software installation and Online Certificate Check to On BEFORE installation of SmartConnect. If you do not do that you will get a message upon each connection: your phone is not licensed to use this software

19 03 2009

SmartConnect FAQ


Q: I upgraded firmware version of my phone using Nokia Software updater. After firmware upgrade SmartConnect says that I have unlicensed version. How can I fix it? Before it was working fine.

A: Uninstall the SmartConnect. Open the File Manager and go to others folder. Remove the Birdstep folder. Install SmartConnect again.

Q: I installed the SmartConnect by Birdstep from Nokia Download. I get no license notifications when trying to use it. [Affected SmartConnect versions 1.2.54, 1.2.61]

A: Uninstall the SmartConnect. Open the File Manager and go to others folder. Remove the Birdstep folder. Refresh the Nokia Download list. Install SmartConnect again. If no license note still comes import the file which is inside the following zip. Move the file to phone and use the File Manager to open it or send it via bluetooth and open the attachment.

* SmartConnect (zip file)

14 08 2009

I’ve had problems with version 1.2.x … couldn’t get it to work even when the certificate checks were enabled (following all advice). So I removed it and found a new version 1.3.6:

After installing this, everything seems to work as expected.

21 09 2009

what i need to know is what icon is it suppose to show for me to determine that i am connected to my wlan and not using my data plan. i keep trying to browse and no problem there but it doesnt give me any indication that I am connected to my home network. please help

6 12 2009

hi, i’ve read much about smartconnect and it seems like the perfect tool for me. i’m currently using a nokia e72-1, have been using it for about a week now, and there is a ‘destination’ category under connections, which, to my best of knowledge, prioritize network connections much like smartconnect. however, this ‘destination’ solution could not work with my nokia messaging (i’ve set up hotmail using the express set up option) as nm would only use gprs as a connection. whenever i want to use a wifi connection, i need to manually go to the settings and change the access point. therefore i’m wondering if smartconnect can do the trick as it proclaims?

i apologise if this seem a little to noobish: i am a first time nokia user. thx in advance =).

7 12 2009


I’m using Smart Connect (1.3.6) with E71 and I’d like to share my problems :
1/ I cannot connect to Free Wifi (which acts like a hot spot and asks for login/password) => WISPr mode ?
2/ I’m using a group ‘Olive” containing as first connection “olivetfred” SSID to my wireless network :
– When setting the ToIP parameters to “olivetfred”, it is working
– When setting the ToIP parameters to “olive”, it is not working, ie it says connection failed

Has anyone an idea ? or can confirm my problem ?
Otherwise, it’s working perfect …


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