N96 Firmware Update is a Dream

19 11 2008

I updated the N96 firmware to the latest v11 the other night and was all set to have to reinstall all my applications like I have to with the E71 and N95 8GB, but I hit a big snag. You don’t have to reinstall all your apps again, the firmware update doesn’t effect anything you have on the phone including apps, contacts, calendar, settings’ etc…

Now this is a Joy from Nokia and I so want it on all my phones, after spending 4hrs installing everything back onto my E71 last night after updating its firmware.




2 responses

20 11 2008
Nokia Daily News - 11/19/08 | Nokia Daily News

[…] Nokia Addict – N96 firmware update is a dream, thanks to UDP […]

25 11 2008
Nitrio Mobile Blog» Blog Archive » N96 firmware update doesn’t wipe out installed apps

[…] Nokia Addict had set aside a four hour window the other night to install the latest N96 v11 update, but was surprised to see that everything was still as expected post update. […]

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