UPDATE: Psiloc Xelnex 1.03 (E71 * Fix)

20 11 2008

Psiloc have finally updated Xelnex for E71 users to allow you to record voice notes whenever you want by pressing ‘shift’ + ‘*’.




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20 11 2008


20 11 2008

Sweeeeeeettt! 🙂

21 03 2009

I love Psiloc’s stuff, but on my e71, Xelnex 1.03 causes lots of reboots – especially when recording in auto mode and checking voice mail where i have to enter lots of codes, phone locks up and reboots at end of call. Recording to SD card, app is installed in phone, 100 MB free in phone mem, lots free on SD card. Regular calls recod fine in Auto mode. Manual mode JUST PLAIN DOESNT WORK! Shift + ‘*’ does NOT WORK on my E71… Psiloc just says reinstall… Not much support from them! THeir Advanced Call Manager is GREAT! Get that… But, if you want a dependable call recording software for your e71 look elsewhere….

23 03 2009

I use Killer Mobile’s TotalRecall application for call recordings now on my E71, N95 8GB and 5800XM. I like that I can select between auto-record or manual-record, the manual one will ask after every call if I want to save the conversation.

3 02 2010

hey buddy can u plz mail me (haresh_achpal@yahoo.co.in)your total recall full version that you are using on e71, i need it for my bros cell , i made him purchase assuring that i would install total recall on his cell too but i tried and it isnt working. plz plz help me or i wud be tortured for life for making him waste his money without serving the purpose.

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