New Maps on OVI – Download NOW

2 12 2008

Yes, download and try the new Maps on OVI now

UPDATE: Only compatible with FP2 phones except the N96, PISS OFF NOKIA!

Jus been trying out the Maps on OVI website interface using Firefox3 on WinXP and its really nice, I just want to sync with my E71 😦




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2 12 2008

Yes, the web version seems nice, but I don’t get anything (roads, landmarks, anything) in Hong Kong, whilst detailed maps of Hong Kong is shown in Nokia Maps 2.0 (phone version, N82).

2 12 2008

I’m with you Gerry. I want Maps 3.0 NOW! I did notice that Nokia says it’s coming. Here’s the clip below:

Finally some words about compatibility. Right now the Maps 3.0 beta is available only for Nokia devices based on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2, but we haven’t forgotten the FP1 users either. The version for you will follow soon. Also we’ve seen compatibility issues with N96, so we don’t recommend using Maps 3.0 beta with it just yet. In Maps 3.0 beta old Maps 2.0 licenses are supported, so if you have Walk or Drive licenses on your device, they will continue working also after the update.

5 12 2008
Johannes Olga

ok yes tankyu gerry ! I want tray for my nokia e71 now . . . .

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