3 12 2008

Do not install Widsets onto your phone as it totally screws it up.

Installed Widsets yesterday and then decided to remove it and this is when all the problems happened. Its seemed to remove okay, but then the icon appeared again and it just wont delete. Keep getting system error -1 and now nothing will connect to the internet on my E71.

I’ve tried hard reset on the E71, but its totally screwed up, will need to carry out a reflash tonight and hope everything is okay.

You have been warned. Now for an email to the Widsets shivs 😦




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3 12 2008
Nokia Daily News - 12/03/08 | Nokia Daily News

[…] Nokia Addict – Do not install Widsets.  It wrecked GerryMoth’s E71! […]

4 12 2008

It´s working fine for me, but i have a n79 but that should not make a dirrerence. Will unistall it now

4 12 2008

Daniel don’t do it…………Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

I installed widsets via the Download! app on my E71, I don’t know if this made a difference, but I’ll not be doing it again.

4 12 2008

f”’k. i already uninstalled it. But i don´t have any problems so far. But i downloade it through my computer, mayby it make some difference. (sorry for my english, i from Sweden)

7 01 2009


After reading this post, we re-run testing with WidSets on E71, but were not able to repeat the problem. We were using standard retail devices and WidSets clients.

Could you comment on device software and WidSets versions in question?
Was it installed in device memory or card?
Recommendation is to install in device memory.

Regards, Jarmo / WidSets team.

7 01 2009

Jarmo: I have E71-1 FW v110.07.127 and installed widsets directly from the Download! app on the E71, so its whatever version Download! has. I installed widsets to the internal memory (I install all apps to the internal memory).

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