Wordmobi v0.3.0 ROCKS

7 12 2008

Today’s update to Wordmobi version 0.3.0 has made this free application totally ROCK.

Why? Because I now have a single application on my E71 that I can fully handle posts, comments and categories with.




I would say in its current state that Wordmobi is actually better and more stable than Wavelog.




11 responses

7 12 2008

3.1 is out

7 12 2008

I noticed the v0.3.1 but they recommend using v0.3.0 as there is a small bug with v0.3.1.

8 12 2008

New v0.3.1.3 released with upgrade feature within the application.

8 12 2008

I still give my vote to Wavelog for its multiple blog support, better handling of special characters and support for TAGs!
Also I don’t know what kind of problems do you have but Wavelog 2 is very stable on my Nokia…

8 12 2008

Oh, and I forgot to add that Telewaving team always reply to my support e-mails!

8 12 2008

I like Wavelog and use daily, but having the ability to approve comments, reply to comments is great with Wordmobi. Hopefully Wavelog release a new version with this comment feature in it.

I’ve had a few problems trying to post with multiple images using Wavelog, but Wordmobi has been fine.

8 12 2008
Mike Bowen

I totally agree with you. I removed Wavelog, since it has nothing on this marvelous application.

8 12 2008

Please, try out version 0.3.3. I saw a problem related to comments that may be serious (I lost one comment due to it). I included support for downloading the latest version as well (even not knowing how to install it automatically – a strange error in the installer is blocking this feature).

15 12 2008

i rather the Shozu app
it works fine
i had some problems with Wordmobi
so sad…

18 01 2009

I use the latest Wavelog since it’s Symbian signed, does not store my posts on someone else’s servers on the way, and supports both Blogger and WordPress.

19 01 2009

@Waver I also use Wavelog for WordPress & Blogger posting, but use Wordmobi for comments only on my main website.

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