No more BBC iPlayer the N96 is going back…

11 12 2008

…or could I still get BBC iPlayer on the N95 8Gb & E71?

The answer is a big fat YES.

Its not quite the BBC iPlayer widget or access to the new mobile site, but with the help of Skyfire browser I’m currently listening to Pete Tong from Friday night. I can also watch video and anything else you can do on the FULL BBC iPlayer site.

I’ve also worked out if you press 3 to zoom in you can easily manage the BBC iPlayer controls for play/pause and skip through by clicking on the bar at the bottom.

BUT, yes there is always a BUT, this will only work with programmes which are PG, what I mean is if any programmes require you to accept you are 18 years or older, the pop-up box hides behind the main screen and you can’t play the video or audio. If anyone can help me somehow fix this then please please please comment on this post.




3 responses

11 12 2008
Mauricio Reyes

Good spot, cheers for the tip!

11 12 2008

I’ve also managed to have my N95 8GB with UK Skyfire and my E71 with USA Skyfire.
When I first installed Skyfire if I connected via 3UK 3G I’d get USA and if I first connected via Wifi I’d get UK. Then subsequent connections 3G or wifi would always be that 1st connection.

12 12 2008
Nokia Daily News - 12/11/08 | Nokia Daily News

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