HelloTxtFeed – Feed your blog to HelloTxt

7 01 2009

Just testing to see if Hellotxtfeed will send my new post to all my social network sites 🙂

Via HelloTxtFeed – Feed your blog to HelloTxt.

UPDATE: I’ve had to disable this feature as it kept posting this message every 5-6mins to my social networks. I’ve informed the hellotxt team via twitter, so hopefully they will sort out soon.




4 responses

7 01 2009

Hi, i’m fixing the issue.
I write here when close.

thank you

7 01 2009

i some case the feed give wrong infos. fixed.
added some more little cleanup.
thank you

7 01 2009

Fabrizio: I tried to DM you in Twitter, but it failed. The problem might have also been that I went back into the post to correct a spelling mistake, would that then mean hellotxtfeed would resend?

7 01 2009

ok, issue closed.
can you try to post
wait to the post to be added to your social and then make some edit?

thank you
Fabrizio . HelloTxt

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