Nokia E71 NAM Firmware Updated to v200.21.118

14 01 2009

The Nokia E71 NAM (USA) Firmware Update is now available via NSU. This must be a record for Nokia USA as usually I hear all the USA guys moan for months that they are forgotten about 🙂

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14 01 2009

Ye, but for the 1000s of us who bought the phone from newegg (0569371) we are still at the original firmware. Come on Nokia, WTF?

15 01 2009

I did not buy mine there and still no update for me either? what is happening what’s wrong with nokia?

16 01 2009

For for an equal >1000’s of us who bought the phone with the same code (0569371) at, we also still in the dark. I actually have yet to hear about any US folks getting even the 100-level the update from last November.

18 01 2009

Updated to v200.21.118. Everything fine but:
1) White blackground for contacts (I actually don’t care)
2) “groups” tab vanished! I explain better : when you go to contacts, before the update you had two tabs, one with the contacts, and the other one (you went to it via pressing RIGHT on the pad) with the groups. Now the second one seems gone.
3) Camera sound in previous version was silenced by posing warning tones to off, now that trick seems not to work anymore. Probably the buggy version was the older one.

Can you let me know if anyone else has these mini-problems?


9 02 2009
Jim M.

Hello everyone…
I have 3 important points for everyone here….
There is a lot of buzz on the net about the firmware updates…(Especially for the USA and Canada: NAM).

I just order a new E71-2 NAM from (Pittsburgh, PA USA, will arrive in 2 days hopefully) and i have done enough googling and other searches to understand that the firmw. updates are only for earlier production devices. if you got the update directly from Nokia, with out messing with the Product Code, this means your mobile was in the first production batch for your country. For USA, (where i reside now), if you have any product code earlier than 0569371, (which is a serial combination number, for different batches) you will find an update. If it is 0569371 or higher, you will not see any firmware update through NSU. Why? Because Nokia, has updated their software during the later product batches.

Second point ( bare with me its for the sake of all E71 lovers), if you are too tempted to make an update, although your NSU doesn’t show one for your product code, you will have to understand that:
Each update is directed to a specific HW\SW combination of a given phone. Nokia has parts from many different suppliers, and virtually no 2 devices are the same. At least from country to country. For instance, in the US, Nokia uses too different Wifi modules parts, with slightly different specifications. That’s because Nokia has many parts manufactured in different firms and contracts with different supplying companies… The point is, if you update your device with another device firmware your putting “wrong info” in you’re mobile, no matter how the update seems making it “perform better”. This is why, no updates experiences or reviews, i have come across on the net, where 100% satisfactory…

Another important factor, is that most people, will restore their backed up content from the old firmware content, (which also contains OS files) to the newly updated phone. Making a part of their E71 file system to be corrupt, which leads to freezes, lags, and performance issues. A user should only restore backed up contacts, calendar and images\gallery, and never restore previous applications. Also, the firmware is designed for specific keyboard layout, some users have reported to have different letters for text inputs than what they would usually have. (Spanish versions mostly, for Mexico)…

3rd point, it is always advisable to go through updates, step by step, and not jumping from one release to the n+2 release without getting the n+1 version first.i.e try to get v110 then v200 instead of jumping directly to v200. Why? Because Nokia or Symbian OS releases are mainly incremental and not additional. (Some of the updates are intended to fix previous updates…and so on…). Its better for stability concerns that you do so…And i am amazed how Nokia doesn’t enforce it, where users can update freely, with disregard to what version they had already, since the product code can be changed easily.

In sum, an update is a serious thing, and most of us are serious users that torture our devices and take them to their design edges, but that never means that we don’t treat them well. We are getting the value of our money, and the benefit of the device….Don’t mess up your phones, just because you want that new version on your mobile screen. If your baby was drastically bugged, or behaving constantly bad, then send it back to Nokia….Switching back to the previous firmware is not easy, if not possible in the first place…..

13 03 2009

for E71, like 5800, N85, N79, N96 we cant update software through phone itself? If we can means pls explain how?

4 02 2010

@ Jim M. Nice touch! Do you work for Nokia ?! (kidding of course) . I liked your post! I purchased an E71 from Amazon but since I live in Costa Rica, it will take about two weeks to have it down here. I am doing my homework before receiving the device.
I find your post very useful, as I was thinking about the Camera issues reported as fixed etc.
Thanks again buddy!

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