What’s Installed on the E71 (Jan 2009)

14 01 2009

What’s installed in the Nokia E71 FW v200.21.118:

Pre-Installed in the Nokia E71:

Nokia Maps v2.0

Nokia Share Online v3.0.08.41*

Nokia Search v4.00

Nokia Dictionary*

Nokia Podcasting v1.10.1

Nokia Active Notes

Nokia Internet Radio Player NEW

Nokia Team Suite is now imbedded into Contacts

QuickOffice v4.1.37.3* (Full Version)

These were originally pre-installed, but have had to re-install since updating the firmware:-

Nokia MultiScanner v1.18

Psiloc Wireless Presenter v2.23

Advanced Call Manager v2.68

What gerrymoth has installed on the Nokia E71:

LCG X-Plore v1.30

LCG Profimail v3.01*

Mobbler v0.3.4*

Google Maps v2.3*

Screenshot v3.0.3

Sky Anytime v5.00

Skype for 3 v2.0.29*

Truphone v4.00

SplashID v3.4

CorePlayer v1.30*

Opera Mini v4.2*

Y-Browser v0.88

Profile Scheduler UNSIGNED v0.51

Theme Scheduler UNSIGNED v0.53*

Fake Messages UNSIGNED v0.51

Epocware Handy Taskman v2.0

Epocware Handy Clock v4.08

Epocware Handy Converter v2.05

Kylom Projekt v1.21

Mobileways Remote S60 Pro v2.92

SymTorrent v4.1*

Wavelog v2.02.2* (Post to WordPress/Blogger from your mobile)

Nokia viNe v1.3*

Magic Key v1.0 UNSIGNED  (Swap key functions)

JoikuSpot v2.30*

*denotes update


Nokia OVI Sync – Contacts screwed up by ovi sync, so its been removed.

Nokia Chat v1.0 Beta 4 – Added to Palringo

Nokia Sports Tracker v1.82 – I use Nokia viNe

LCG Slick v0.45



MobiTubia v1.80 Build 4

Psiloc Xelnex v1.03 (Record all your calls) TRIAL PERIOD FINISHED

Tankzors (Tanks Game)

GSpaceMobi v1.02 (Use gmail account for extra 7GB storage)

Calcium (Best calculator for the E71)

FriendView v0.823 (Its on, but can’t use via 3G. Come on 3UK get your act together)

UpCode (Nokia Barcode reader now works)


Epocware Handy Weather v6.05 (Check the weeks weather)

Flixwagon v3.05 (Upload live videos to flixwagon & thru to OVI or YouTube)

Cute Keys v1.0 (Create shortcuts to open applications, websites, sms, calls, etc..)

cCalPro v1.13 (Full scientific calculator)

Palringo v9.17 (Yes its back, I have GTalk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Nokia Chat)

Wordmobi v0.4.2 (Post/Comment to WordPress)

Nokia Conversation v8.40 (Threaded SMS)

ShazamID v1.0 (I totally forgot about this app, remembered during Christmas when trying to identify a song on the TV)




17 responses

14 01 2009

Hi, nice post, going to check out some of these.

What do you mean by Ovi sync which was removed, because the contacts screwed up the Ovi sync? I’ve been having problems with this as well (phone numbers changing to À@@@@@@@@, contact pictures missing, complete contacts being deleted), but figured it was Zyb to blame since that is what I just started to use.

Thanks, cheers!

14 01 2009

I had been using OVI Sync for a few weeks on my E71 with no problems then I noticed one day that some of my contact phone numbers had just disappeared (contact was still on the phone, but no numbers) and I’d lost some of the images associated with them as well. Luckily I had my contacts on my N95 8GB, so was able to restore.

14 01 2009

Oh and I have links for most apps in my Downloads page. I’m redoing my Downloads page at the moment, so planning to relaunch a newer version with updated links by end of this week.

14 01 2009

Magic Key v1.0 Beta works on FW v200.21.118? How do I install it?

14 01 2009

Ah, I should have marked Magickey as UNSIGNED. You’ll need to get it signed via SymbianSigned or if you have a Developers Certificate or Cracked phone. I have a Developers Certificate for my E71 which I got from opda.net.cn

14 01 2009

Yeah, I know that unsigned applications need to be signed via SymbianSigned, but it won’t sign this one (http://tinyurl.com/629t6w).

SymbianSigned service says:
FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address (0xa0008e00 0xa0008e01 )

14 01 2009

@Melmacian: Ah I though Magickey could be signed there? Only option is to get a Dev Certificate from somewhere. Try opda.net.cn it takes about a day.

@Valahian I only use Coreplayer for DivX films I’ve downloaded and want to watch on the move. I prefer Epocware Handy Taskman to the Smartphoneware Best version, always have and Cute Keys can quickly open any app no matter where u are in the phone, I tend to switch between Taskman and Cutekeys though.

14 01 2009

This version of Core Player dont see my video files taken to my phone.I replaces Cute Keys with Best Taskman(much better like Handy Taskman).I bought Joiku Premium and work with apn wap!Xplore dont open pdf filles.I try to get Wavelog but no way to get it.Allways my credit card refuse me.I bought from Ngage from Nokiasoftwaremarket and no problem.Thanks for the news.

14 02 2009
Kevin Neely

Where did you find the latest podcasting app? When I go to nokia.com/podcasting, the link for the download is dead.


14 02 2009

Nokia Podcasting app is now pre-installed on the E71 and the latest version is included in Firmware v200

14 02 2009
Kevin Neely

Yeah, I was kind of hoping to update the version on my N82

11 03 2009


Shazam still gives “certificate expired” during install, even when i rolled back the time to 2008.
Any ideas?


11 03 2009

Change the year to 2007 or the date to around Jan 2008?

7 07 2009
New E71 Apps In The Ovi Store | nokianewphone

[…] Those are all FREE E71 applications found in the Ovi Store. There are more of course, I just picked up the ones that I recommend. Those don’t include many of the great commercial applications that you can find as well. You might notice that those are starting to get cheaper and cheaper to buy… very cool! Don’t forget you can visit store.ovi.com from your PC browser if you don’t feel like digging around on your E71. Stayed tuned to another post I’m working on to show you all of the applications I have installed on my E71. Sort of like the feature that Gerrymoth was doing over at Nokia Addict (a good read). […]

3 08 2009

Which version of Isilo can install in my nokia E 71?

3 08 2009

Not used iSilo on my E71, so not very sure if there is a E71 version?

18 12 2009

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