Jaiku is DEAD & Google are FOOLS

15 01 2009

I’ve been commenting for ages on the lack of development from Google on Jaiku, the social network they purchased last year mainly for the people who worked for Jaiku rather than the site and technology behind it.

So the blog post from them yesterday stating Jaiku will be made open source and made available via Google Code comes as no surprise, but it still brings a tear to my eye, as Jaiku is/was the best social network for people (I’ve met some great online friends thanks to Jaiku), but most notably the threaded posts which made it easy to follow and chat in.

You’re probably thinking Open Sourcing Jaiku might be a good idea and it doesn’t mean Jaiku is closing down, well when Jaiku’s core users start moving away and actively using other sites (I’ve noticed loads on twitter), I’m sorry to say Jaiku is DEAD and Google are FOOLS 😦

Via Google Code Blog: Changes for Jaiku and Farewell to Dodgeball and Mashup Editor.




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16 01 2009
Nokia Daily News - 01/15/09 | Nokia Daily News

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