Nokia Built-in IM now working with Yahoo IM

16 01 2009

For some weird reason Yahoo IM is now working with the built-in IM client on my E71.

Use the server/web address and your usually yahoo username/password.




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16 01 2009

Would be nice if it worked with Nokia Chat too.

16 01 2009

What about ICQ and msn?

16 01 2009
mafranklin currently works in the native IM app for AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ, Google, and MSN.

17 01 2009
Nokia Daily News - 01/16/09 | Nokia Daily News

[…] Nokia Addict – E71’s built-in IM client suddenly supports Yahoo […]

17 01 2009

I use IM built in from 1 year.Work good with imps wap for me.Its not possibile to send video but photos work.Check the Onesouwp and work too with msn and google.

4 04 2009

how do you configure the im to work with google

6 04 2009

Only seems to work with YahooIM at the moment

22 01 2009

I’m able to log on but it says none of my contacts are logged on, I’m able to send messages but not receive them.

14 04 2009

I tried to Use the server/web address but it can not work. It said “Server Error” ie there any other web address ?

23 04 2009

I am able to log in to Yahoo chat , and i can send msg but i am not receiving msg …

can any one help me

26 08 2009

try this setting for yahoo

port 5050

2 05 2009
Henry P

I try
i did login, but all contacts shown as offline.
i purposely open my fren yahoo acc as online. But my phone show offlien ><

22 05 2009

what about MSN? do u have the setting? tq 😉

22 05 2009

Sorry only worked (not that well) with Yahoo 🙂

10 06 2009

I have same problem with yahoo. Its logs in fine and it appears online but none of my contacts show online when they are and cannot receive messages. It does send though… anyone fix this?

10 06 2009

I’ve given up on this. Just using Nimbuzz for all my IM Chat & Calls

17 07 2009

thank you.

finally my E71 IM connects with and supports my YM account

I have been trying to configure this damn thing for a few days and just stumbled upon this posting.

All i need was “”

thank you once again

26 07 2009

I’m usig IM for 2 weeks. I do have issues with the contacts from my list. It’s appears on my e71 only 30 contacts from YM, even I have more then 100 contacts.

Please advice…


5 02 2010

hi! i have the same problem with the built in IM for yahoo. have you found a solution to the 30 contacts only?

3 10 2009

I tried to Use the server/web address but it can not work. It said “Server Error” ie there any other web address ?

3 10 2009

I tried to Use the server/web address in N72 but it can not work. It said “Server Error” ie there any other web address ?

5 10 2009

Not that I know of. Don’t really use it now. Nimbuzz for all my IM Chat

17 10 2009

hi i can’t delete groups and contacts on my Nokia E71 built in IM. I no longer have contacts in Desktop YM! but when I tired to delete Groups and contacts on builtin IM it says server error? do I have to reset my phone to factory default? Thank you 🙂

1 11 2009

hi, i was searching about the native IM of the nokia e71 and there are various services available some are paid other free.
I started to use this from it’s a free service and works fine (still can’t send or recieve pictures) with msn and yahoo, it can work with google too but i haven’t tested it yet.
Try it out and keep digging for the perfect IM service

1 11 2009

update.. The link is

2 12 2009

i havd a nokia n82 phone & i need help in configuring the built in im service if any one can teach me how send an email on

9 12 2009

Good idea but very very very slow to receive msg on phone more than 30 sec.

5 02 2010

my Nokia IM on my X3 ain’t workin at all.

5 02 2010

i tried using this on my E63. it worked but i have problems getting my contacts. it appears that only 30 of my contacts can be loaded. how do i add more?

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