Follow gerrymoth from ONE site?

28 01 2009

I mostly post on, but also have a 3UK Blog and a general The MOTH Blog which I post to. You’ll also find me chatting on Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook,, Brightkite and FriendFeed about my daily goings on.  I have a Google Reader Shared Items for things I’ve found interesting from the hundreds of feeds I subscribe to and I have a public channel on OVI where I upload photos & screenshots.

Now I have links to all the above over on the right of this website, but I thought it would be nice if I could roll them all up into one site and you could see a timeline of what I’m thinking/saying/doing/viewing.

Well I’ve found out how to do that and its a website called CHI.MP, its still in beta, but its looking good, so if you want to follow everything the gerrymoth does well just checkout and subscribe to the feed on there as well?





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28 01 2009
Guy Cocker

Cool stuff! Is there any way you can get me a beta invite for CHI.MP — I tried yesterday but no luck.

28 01 2009

Wow! Thanks for the positive feedback…please let us know what we can do to make your site even more useful by joining the conversation at or contacting me at support.


Laurel Boylen

Community Director

29 01 2009

Guy you should have a invite on its way to you 🙂

29 01 2009

Hi Gerry,

Do you have a invite left for a real Nokia Addict ? 🙂

I’m very interested!



29 01 2009

@Marcel: I’ve used up the 5 invites they gave me, but ask on Twitter or Jaiku and someone will have one?

30 01 2009

…no luck untill now … anyone got an invite left for me ?

Pleas email to marcel @ postvakje . com

Thanks in advance!

31 01 2009

The helpdesk of is VERY VERY slow…. bad start!

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