Finally the BBC release a podcast directory

1 02 2009

Finally the BBC see sense and have released a wed directory for all the BBC Radio Podcasts. I asked them last summer if they would produce one and they wouldn’t so I had to create my own nokiAAddict podcast directory.

This is a good move by the BBC, lets hope they see sense and let everyone have the BBC iPlayer app?

BBC Podcast Directory

Just add the web address above into the Nokia Podcasting app on your phone as a web directory.




4 responses

3 02 2009
Arjun Parsi

I have added it in the nokia podcast, but nothing happens. do you have any Idea?

3 02 2009

I just added it as a new web directory and then clicked on it and it gives a list of bbc stations. They might have put some region restrictions on it? You know how the BBC are!

3 02 2009
Arjun Parsi

I clicked on the click which you gave and which gave me this and from yesterday I was trying with this one. Found that it should be OPML

3 02 2009
Alan Ogilvie

FYI – here was the original announcement about the OPML (with a comment about the Nokia issue)

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