UPDATE: Google Maps v3.0 adds Google Latitude

4 02 2009

See your friends’ locations and status messages and share yours with them.

Via: Google Latitude.

Download from phone browser using http://google.com/latitude




7 responses

4 02 2009
Dan L

Anyone notice that if you go to the Google Latitude site (on your PC) and tell it to go to Canada it immediately goes into French mode and when you try to switch it to English (top right hand corner with the language drop down menu) it goes to the American site.

4 02 2009

Nokia 5800 does not supported(((((

4 02 2009

The Nokia 5800 is supported. i just installed Google Maps v3.0 onto my new 5800 and have Google Latitude working fine

8 02 2009

hmm…. gerrymoth, did you receive a message that it was not supported?

I received it when trying to install, and then I cancel it…
Did you go on after that message, or didn’t get the message at all?

3 06 2009
Dixie Normus

I have attempted to install this on my N5800 in the UK and it installs fine however when the software opens it just hangs and doesn’t open properly, any help ?

4 06 2009

Try removing it from the Application Manager and start again, there should be a problem with Google Maps on the 5800XM?

10 06 2009

I have just installed Google maps in my new nokia 5800XM

it’s working brilliantly

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