Nokia 5800 Firmware Updated to v11.0.009

5 02 2009

5800_fw_v110009The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has been given a small firmware update to improve general navigation and installation of files. Its not available OTA (Over The Air) yet, so I’ve just updated via the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) on the PC.

One thing I’m really liking with this firmware update over the E71 firmware update is i don’t need to re-install all my applications or information again with the 5800 🙂

Via: Munkimatt




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5 02 2009
5800 XpressMusic: disponibile il nuovo firmware 11.0.009 : Spaziocellulare News Magazine

[…] Il changelog ufficiale non è al momento disponibile. Al momento l’aggiornamento non è possibile effettuarlo tramite OTA (Over-The-Air). (fonte: nokiAAddict) […]

5 02 2009
| ZOMG its Cj

[…] [via] […]

6 02 2009

Via me! Awesome 😀

6 02 2009

@Matt: Well credit where credits due 😀 Pity your 5800 is FUBAR though! Mine is still running great, so think it might have been something you installed or a faulty unit?

7 02 2009

My Nokia 5800 XM has version 11.0.008 and when I run the NSU it does not upgrade to the 11.0.009. – Am I missing something? My phone is not locked or anything so I don’t understand why it’s not upgraded to the latest firmware.

Did you do anything special to get the update.

7 02 2009

I didn’t do anything special to get the update. My Nokia 5800 is a O2 PAYG phone which I’m using on 3.

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