What’s Installed on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

5 02 2009

Installed Apps:-

Every day now I’m seeing more and more S60v5 releases, so here is what I’ve installed so far:-

Opera Mini v4.2 (Full width widescreen surfing ROCKS!)

Google Maps v3.0 (With Google Latitude)

Google Mail v2.0.6 (The gmail icon is screwed up a bit, I know there are hacked versions doing the rounds)

Mobbler v0.3.4 (Last.fm player and looks/sounds cool!)

LCG Slick v0.46 (Multi IM Client)

LCG X-Plore v1.30 (File Manager)

LCG Profimail v3.02 (You need the stylus to really use, but works great)

Sports Tracker v1.83

Best ScreenSnap v1.00 (Take screenshots of ur phone)

Handy Clock v4.09

Handy Converter v2.06

Handy Taskman v2.02 Removed after install as hated I couldn’t close/kill Contacts, Log, Messaging, etc..)

Handy Shell v1.0 Removed after install as I prefered the simplicity of the default homescreen, but it worked fine when installed.

Handy Weather v6.05 (Its saying more snow for the next 2 days, yipee!)

JoikuLight v2.40 (make the 5800 a wifi hotspot)

Touch Piano v1.00 (Play piano on the 5800, fun!)

Pre-installed Apps:-

BBC iPlayer v1.5.1 (Updated to version 1.6 and works okay, but not brilliantly)

Nokia Maps (Comes with maps preinstalled and 90 days free license, get in there ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Calendar (Built-in Nokia Calendar is really nice on the 5800)

Share on OVI (Works great and have OVI up and running)

Image Gallery (Will Nokia never get this right, don’t like it, it should have a nicer UI like Image Exchange)

Themes (Comes with 1 default theme, this SUCKS!, but symbianplanet.net will come to the rescue. I’ve heard people moaning about some themes for 5800, so will investigate and list some ones i like soon)

Download! (Stay away from the light!)

That’s in for now, I’m planning to use the 5800 as a fun weekend phone, so going to load with music, podcasts and videos. I’m use Coreplayer for video on all my other phones, so will be interesting to see what I’m going to do until Coreplayer release a version for S60v5.




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5 02 2009
Tom Lewis

I wish the iplayer would work on the E71, have you ditched your E71 now?

5 02 2009

I wish the iPlayer did as well, with download capability. Oh and the E71 will always be with me, could work/play without it, the 5800 purchased is for fun and weekends ๐Ÿ™‚

5 02 2009
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7 02 2009
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7 02 2009
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23 02 2009

Can somebody provide some information to a dummy on how to use the music and video bit on the nokia 5800 express music – as in downloading etc.

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