Beware of 5800 Themes

6 02 2009

I’ve been advised and I’ve been reading horror stories around the net about people installing 3rd party themes on the Nokia 5800 which has resulted in the device crashing or worse totally screwing the device up. So I’m giving a warning to people just now to be careful in installing non-designed 5th series themes on the 5800.

Please let me know if you have experienced any problems with the Nokia 5800. I’ve had no problems so far with mine, but it would be nice to know what others have experienced.




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7 02 2009

I totally agree. There are a lot of themes and applications claiming to be supported on 5800 XM but are clearly not.

Loving the Nokia 5800 XM though. There are a few niggles and things I don’t like about the phone, but that is because I am so use to the Nokia N95. Time will heal…

Cool site matey!!!

9 02 2009

Absolutely beware. I loaded a theme and my 5800 bricked. It is being replaced by Nokia.. thank goodness it is under a warranty. Learned my lesson. no more new themes….

17 02 2009

Please install new themes ONLY on your memory card the you’ll have no problems

16 03 2009

My 5800 decided to turn itself off today and now I can do nothing with it! It just won’t turn on. I have not installed any apps so not sure what has happened. Any suggestions welcome

16 03 2009

1. Try removing battery & SIM card, then re-installing and power back on?
2. With 5800 off, hold RED, GREEN, Camera button and press power on?
3. Call or take phone to Nokia Repair Center.

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