Mail on OVI by NOKIA

11 02 2009

Nokia have launched the Mail on OVI.


Just tried the online version and have it setup on my E71 🙂


I setup Mail On OVI, then went into Contacts on OVI to chat with my friends and ALL my contacts have disappeared, yip NOKIA have done it again, they have fecked up on merging systems. They cocked up Share On OVI when they combined it with your Nokia Account, now thye have done the same with this. I can’t be arsed with this today! Do I try and remember all my contacts or just ditch the service and stick with gtalk with You know where you’ll find me 😦

I have my contacts back again, seems there was a problem with the Nokia servers which has now been resolved, see the Nokia Betlabs Bog for more detail HERE

Oh and settings for Mail on OVI to use on any email client are:-

Incoming: & password
Port 993

Outgoing: & password
Port 465




15 responses

11 02 2009
Jonathan Greene

via web, my contacts on Ovi are intact … I don’t think there is actually any integration between these services just yet so contacts within mail are blank outside of those people you’ve started to email

11 02 2009
Micky Aldridge

No problems like that here, just checked after reading my GReader when your post popped up.

11 02 2009
Micky Aldridge

I have just tried Contact on Ovi on my phone however, and it won’t connect, although all contacts are still there. failed to connect at all.

11 02 2009
Micky Aldridge

Leave Feedback here…

11 02 2009

My contacts I synced from OVI sync and my phone appear on contacts. The old Nokia Chat which is now Contacts on OVI had different contacts which I added manually. When I opened mail on OVI there are no contacts at all, so went back to nokia Chat and all contacts have disappeared.

Nokia need to common up all contacts between OVI/Mail/CONTACTS/whatever, as at the moment its a total friggin mess. Maybe I should just wait till they’ve finish before starting to use any of their services as it pisses me off losing data and having to reenter 😦

11 02 2009
Micky Aldridge

It would be best to wait for the Official announcement of mail on OVI really, as Im sure its almost completed now, however, sending them feedback now can only be a positive, anything to improve the service is a plus I would say.

11 02 2009
Micky Aldridge

Both Nokia Chat, and Contacts on OVI are back in full swing Gerry.!

12 02 2009
Nokia Daily News - 02/11/09 | Nokia Daily News

[…] Nokia Addict – Beware of Mail on Ovi, might delete your contacts […]

12 02 2009
12 02 2009

Thanks Micky, just noticed that earlier on google reader and I had all my contacts back yesterday in nokia chat, so need to update the post on here.

15 02 2009
Max Waterman

> Outgoing:
> & password
> Port 465

I’m pretty sure that line “IMAP4” is not correct/relevant for ‘outgoing’.

13 03 2009

Really it is a useful one. I ve configured that ovi account successfully in settingwizard and nokia messaging beta version. It s working fine.

31 10 2009

Can someone tell me what goes in Email Settings/Sync email database? I’m getting server error.

25 02 2010

My e-mail is offline and message appear saying invalid password or invalid user name. Pls help

1 04 2010

hey, guys. besides beta labs and ovi store, where else can i download ovi contacts? a few months ago, i could download it into my e51, now it tells me a version for my phone isn’t available right now. how come?

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