Nokia 5800 XM Firmware v20 Finally Updated

13 02 2009

I finally managed to update my UK Red 5800 XM the other night to Firmware version 20.

I couldn’t manage to find the update via FOTA or NSU for my initial product code, so had to do some hacking and change the product code to Red EURO1 Product Code to get NSU showing the latest firmware.

The biggest reason I wanted this new firmware v20 was for the updated BBC iPlayer with DOWNLOAD functionality and I’m totally loving it, watched an episode of Being Human last night lying in my bed and I’m going to totally love the BBC iPlayer now on the Nokia 5800 with that widescreen display 🙂

Oh and one more great thing v20 firmware brings is the Nokia Dictionary like the version on the E71.




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13 02 2009

I’ve been asked how did I change my product code on the 5800?

Do the following but make sure u have the latest Nokia PC Suite installed as this has the 5800 usb drivers…

1. Download JAF 1.98.62.exe
2. Download JAF PKEY Emulator v5.0
3. Install JAF 1.98.62
4. Extract JAF PKEY Emulator v5.0 to desktop
5. Connect Nokia 5800 and select PC Suite mode on your Nokia 5800.
6. Now run JAF PKEY v5.0 and click on the GO button. It will come up with error: box driver not installed –> so click ok and now JAF v1.98 will run.
7. Select BB5 tab –> tick Prod. Manager –> then click the service button –> click the Read Values button.
8. Now u can enter ur product code and press the Write Values button and boooom it all done.

Oh and I used RED EURO1 Product Code 0558982

13 02 2009

i still can’t get iPlayer to download 😦

13 02 2009

Matt: Remove the iPlayer and start again.

This is what I did and its been working great ever since:
1. Download the BBC iPlayer using the web browser from
2. Ensure the web browser is still online, I just opened another web page.
3. Open the BBC iPlayer and select a programme to download and that was it. It found the license everytime after that 🙂

14 02 2009
Mike Bowen


Is anyone experiencing bugs after updating to the latest firmware. In two places I have the same problem (Bluetooth and Contacts). In Contacts the second Tab for Groups is non touchable, so you cannot select groups from the screen, likewise for Bluetooth, if you want to see a list of devices linked via bluetooth, you can’t.

Hopefully fixed in the new version.



23 02 2009

Worked like a charm, thanks!

23 02 2009

Download JAF PKEY Emulator v5.0

This is coming up as flagged as a Trojan by Avast!

24 02 2009
James Whatley

Hmm, followed the instructions to the tee…

Still no updates available. Odd.

24 02 2009

You’re doing it wrong then DUDE!

Check you have changed the Product Code by reading it again with JAF PKEY Emulator

24 02 2009
James Whatley


You’re right, having NEVER changed a product code ever before. I didn’t think to do that!

(Yes mate, I checked that. Twice.)

24 02 2009

What code did u use, 0558982?

Haven’t heard anyone say they have removed the update from NSU?

Have you closed down NSU and restarted, I vaguely remember I had initial problems running NSU after I changed my code. I might have even rebooted. Thought it was just my PC?

24 02 2009
James Whatley

Ah.. Ok. I haven’t been using NSU. I’ve just been checking OTA updates.

Will boot NSU now.


25 02 2009
Steve D

The update has been taken down by Nokia as it is full of bugs. I would advise NOT updating yet even if you can find it somewhere – just have a little patience.

15 03 2009

AVG picks JAF PKEY Emulator v5.0 as spyware so i stopped before finishing off the proceedure

19 03 2009

Same here. The emulator has a virus. I’ve searched for ages for a working version that’s not infected without any luck.

19 03 2009

Is it a virus? ClamAV doesn’t detect it or AVAST? I have a 3 yrs old keygen which suddenly AVAST thinks is a virus!

22 04 2009

what product code did you use to get v21 firmware?

22 04 2009

oops wrong thread. am looking for a product code to gain access to v21 firmware

23 04 2009

Hi all,

Im experiencing some real problems with that crapy nokia touch… im still on version 10.010 ( but not for long thx to gerrymoth !), and my screen blocks from time to time and change to those weird colors (green, red ,blue..) !

So technically im afraid of updating and then hearing from Nokia that this problem came from me updating…

if anyone knows anything about this MAJOR BUG, please advice…

thanks a lot!

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