Skype to be integrated into Nokia’s

17 02 2009

News from MWC today states Skype will be integrated into selected Nokia phones starting with it being pre-installed on the N97 and rolled out to other NSeries later.

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17 02 2009
Skype será integrado a dispositivos Nokia | The Joe Report

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18 02 2009
Kevin Neely

That’s good news, I suppose. Though I still prefer the open SIP protocol to Skype’s closed one.

18 02 2009

I have Skype on 3 installed on all my phones at the moment and it works fine for calls and chat, but it being integrated into the contact/phonebook would be nice. An all in one service (gtalk, msn, aim, etc…) for talk & chat would be even sweeter 🙂

2 07 2009

Have you run 3 skype client on your unbranded n97? Thinking of getting one but only if I will be able to use skype on 3.

2 07 2009

Just installed the new Skype on 3 onto my N97 and I’ve also extracted the file, so expect it in the Download page soon. Oh and it works great for calls and chat 🙂

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