Goodbye Jaiku

18 02 2009

I can take it no longer and it pains me to say ‘Goodbye Jaiku, I’ll miss you so!’.

For the past two and a half weeks this is what I have been met with everytime I’ve tried to access or site.

I can’t take the pain of trying every hour to see if its back up and running, so I’m just going to leave as it looks like Google have already ;(




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18 02 2009
Andy C

Yeah – it was sad to see Google let Jaiku wither and die like this.

What is your preferred microblog now ?

18 02 2009

I don’t have a prefered one as such now, mostly using Twitter (via and Facebook. I’m looking for a site with a good mobile version and allows chat, but in the end it ends up being where everyone else is which at the moment is Twitter. I hate the lack of threaded chats like Jaiku has on Twitter, but hopefully this changes and soon?

18 02 2009
Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

Jaiku getting worse 😦

19 02 2009
Nokia Daily News - 02/18/09 | Nokia Daily News

[…] Nokia Addicts – GerryMoth says goodbye to Jaiku […]

19 02 2009

Well, I feel the same and I feel deeply sad to my heart about it, but since Google apparently doesn’t know what a gem they’ve got in Jaiku and they don’t seem to care, what can we do?
Luckily I have gathered most of my friends at Twitter and the swedish once at the new Swedish microblog Bloggy so I think I will not loose touch with too many!

19 02 2009

I never get those error messages…. 😐

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