HOT HOT HOT! New S60 Twitter App

19 02 2009


I finally have a proper Twitter application for my Nokia E71 and Nokia N95 8GB, it may still only be in closed beta and I may have only been playing with it for the last hour, but Gravity by is a WINNER!

You can add multiple Twiitter and accounts to the application and do everything you want twitterwise like Tweet, Reply, ReTweet, DM, etc..

Checkout my screenshots of Gravity in action over on Share on OVI HERE

Gravity is in closed beta at the moment, but @janole over on twitter asked for beta testers yesterday, so get in there quick?




8 responses

19 02 2009

Far from complete, but Jan is aware of the “Posted via web” instead of “Posted via “Gravity”.

Looks very promising I must say.

19 02 2009
Micky Aldridge

Looks very promising. Just waiting for my Beta to arrive.

19 02 2009

I’ve asked for a few additional features like being able to open links in tweets and marking tweets as favourites. Great thing with this app is any new features can be automatically updated from the Gravity app itself 🙂 Nice!

19 02 2009
Micky Aldridge

I had noticed your requests, valid ones too:) I bet Ricky is excited with this.

20 02 2009
Nokia Daily News - 02/19/09 | Nokia Daily News

[…] Nokia Addict – New S60 Twitter app is Hot, Gravity is in closed Beta […]

20 02 2009

it sure looks awesome. by far the most impressive client i’ve seen

20 02 2009
Fei Xue

It looks very wonderful.And I need a Chinese version.

23 02 2009

I’ve been using Gravity all weekend and its already had its 1st update to include opening links in posts. There should be a newer update coming very soon from @janole which will include all the additional features people have requested. This twiiter application for Nokia S60 devices is getting better and better. If you use Twitter and def pay for this application when its officially launched 🙂

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