Auto Download MP4 Podcasts in Nokia Podcasting

25 02 2009

Fellow Nokia blogger Pablo Poo from Chile was annoyed he couldn’t automatically download MP4 podcasts in Nokia Podcasting application. Message about format not supported, even though you can play the MP4 files once downloaded in Nokia’s?

So Pablo after further getting annoyed with Nokia themselves not resolving this issue, set it upon himself to find a solution and he’s done just that.

Pablo has created a service on his website for you to enter the URL of the MP4 feed and he will create a compatible alternative URL for you to enter into the Nokia Podcasting application. On his site just enter the URL and click on the transform button, this will give you the new URL or you can use barcode reader on your mobile and get the URL directly onto you phone.

If you don’t speak spanish you can see the translated english version HERE courtesy of Google Translate, but you’ll need to use to get the altenative URL until Pablo creates an english version.

Via: » Servicios.




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