Nokia FREE Giveaway: N-Gage Game

3 03 2009

NOKIA are at it again and giving away some free stuff, this time its any 1 N-Gage game.

Just goto and get ur free n-gage game code sent to you.

Only problem I have is choosing which game to pick? I’m veering towards the Star Wars game though!




One response

3 03 2009

Because i update my n95 8gb.I have Asphalt3 bought from ngage and i sent 10 pm to Congested to reactivate my game.To his request i’ve given all details about the purchased game received by email and nothing.Seems the words like:”bought” or”purchase” annoied him.For couple of weeks he haven’t reactivated my game, although it wouldn’t depande on him,to reactivate a license key already bought.It look more a rent game.Yeah good thing to have a free a ngage game but i still stand in dilema:its your game or is a game of Congested…

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