NEWS: New firmware for E71 coming

11 03 2009

Newer firmware is coming for the Nokia E71, I have v200 in my E71 at the moment and its stable, so this new firmware will need to have a very good added feature for me to update.

I’m trying to get more information on what this new firmware includes, so as soon as I know I post in here.




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11 03 2009
Arjun Parsi

WOW, thats a good to hear, I wish they make a FP2 edition

11 03 2009

I just hope it improves the camera

11 03 2009

maybe Nokia Messaging/Email preinstalled would be nice 😀

11 03 2009

I’d like OVI Homescreen integration, WPA Wifi to work (E71 can’t work with Sky Netgear router), Image Exchange integration to replace Gallery, Conversations in-built, OVI Contacts in-built and facebook app in-built 🙂

30 03 2009

have you managed to get the e71 to work with sky email? I have the same issue with sky netgear router but equally inspite of many attempts, the email is working either…any tips…please?!

30 03 2009

I still can’t get my E71 to work with the Sky router, I’ve still to call and try to get the new black sky router which is supposed to work okay, but haven’t had the time. For sky email which I only use for sky related stuff I just use the Gmail App ( & sky Password) on my E71 via 3G.

13 03 2009

With the E75 on the horizon, I’m hoping that Nokia shows some support and does give the E71 a feature-set similar to the E75. I’d love to see a firmware update to FP2 on my E71.

14 03 2009

I’d like to have a stabe Ad hoc connection not a battery drainer. A special OS build in API calculator to manage the energy used by hardware. Additinal settings for networking, like changing MAC address when need, QOS pakets to ensure VIOP works fine. Lots of media inpruvements, btw the video capture program just cut off the sound right befor u stop your video this SUX. PLS fix the camera its quality is more then repulsive, all my friends laughed at my E71 when they saw pics made with it! Would be nice to have some moving back images for wallpers, I meen will be cool to have some basic background that uses some simple functions like sin(x) cos(x) to draw few lines and gently change the background color, until the waves(lines) float on the screen as on the e71 commersial, u know this waves that PSP got for its back graound. BTW the user interface is so baddly and alogically made. befor I got this nokia E71 phone I thought that Motorola has the worst userInterface, now I know who the real winner is .

14 03 2009

Hi, I had the same problem with a Sky Netgear router and solved it by installing the generic Netgear FW for the router. HTH

18 03 2009

Is there any hope in seeing the e71 improve it’s bluetooth software? It drops connection and doesn’t allow my Acura link to dial out

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