NEW E71 Firmware v210.21.006 Available in NSU

17 03 2009

I’ve been informed there is new firmware v210.21.006 for the E71 available in NSU for Asia & Europe at the moment.


I haven’t seen a changelog yet, but I’ll be updating tonight and let you all know what I can see is new. If someone has a changelog please let me know 🙂




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17 03 2009


17 03 2009

Dude I’m working on it, I’m working on it 😀

17 03 2009

same here, work harder 😉

17 03 2009

Thanks, no pressure 😀

17 03 2009
Arjun Parsi

Updated my E71 but didnt find any change

17 03 2009

mail client by any chance? finally automatical imap message body download?

17 03 2009

I’m having mayor trouble installing the firmware on my E71: it will just reboot and keep working with the old firmware. I’m now trying with factory resets to see if the update program will then continue loading the firmware instead of effectively doing a reset after 5 minutes.

17 03 2009

Daan: Have you any applications running in the background? I tend to factory reset and then update to stop any problems. Also ensure ur using a good USB cable, I had problems with a cable on one of my updates recently

17 03 2009

gerrymoth: Thanks for the tip. However, factory resetting the E71 did not work. Neither did rebooting the computer. However, installing the update from my iMac running XP did work. Mac ftw 😉 I just reinstalled the Nokia suite on my regular windows machine, and all seems fine. The update is running smoothly on my phone now.

What changed? Nuttin as far as I have seen (just went through the settings, going to configure email now)

17 03 2009

Any sign of a changelog yet?

For those who have done the upgrade, what has changed?

18 03 2009

one great improvement notice with the latest version, you can key directly a name on the key board, automatically a list appears above to make a call send message etc quite usefull and faster than to the contact list access.
email setting full auto. no software pending for instalation. i think that it. And Maps 3.0 still doesn’t work on my E71 with this latest version (out of memory error)

18 03 2009

Lolo: The ability type from the homescreen and contacts appear has always been there on the E71, you may have had the option disabled previously?

I have Maps v3.0 running on my E71, checkout the betalabs blog on instructions to install, you may need to delete the maps folder on the memory card and start from the beginning. Maps v3.0 is great for syncing your favourites 🙂

I thought this new update might have brought us integrated Nokia Messaging, but alas NO, but still installed Nokia Messaging onto the E71 and its working fine.

18 03 2009


Ive noticed faster response times.. and also.. the camera quality is muchly improved! 🙂

Tried maps 3 once.. and wont try it again until its out of beta.. as I rely on the brilliant sat nav capabilities of the E71 already.

Also the ability to directly type names into the home screen was an option in previous firmwares.. I think you just had to switch it on.

Had some issues installing this firmware.. it got to 56 seconds remaining, and the screen went blank the breathing light no longer i took the big bold step to presume it had just finished, and forgot to switch back on… the only way i could get it back on. is to tack battery out.. low and behold it had updated to the latest firmware!

Brilliant lol PHEW>

19 03 2009

my e71 are available for the update but i think i wait for the change log come up and see worth update or not

19 03 2009


– Support for Searching Hungarian Double Consonants, from Easy Dial and Phonebook
– Reserved Homescreen Plug-in UIDs can now be given to partners
– Stability and functionality improvements
– Compliance with FM Radio band requirements for MEA/Tunisia
– Minor stability improvements
– Remote Denial of Service vulnerability fixed.
– Stability improvement in MMS.
– Minor stability improvements
– Stability and Minor Functionality improvement
– New DCC files – Functionality improvement
FS contacts
– Stability and functionality improvement
Share Online
– Minor improvements in functionality.

19 03 2009

You ROCK mate, thanks

19 03 2009
The E71 is back as the king of phones

[…] as you may have read there’s been a new firmware release and it’s fixed the camera. Check out the […]

10 04 2009

i also hold E71 but it is still support the old firware 100.07.76 i want to update the same can any one help me ..

24 05 2009

updated this today, finally managed to get rid of the awful Three firmware!

Many thanks to Gerryroth for advice, as found a few problems after updating, NSU went fine, but then phone would not load up fully, fixed this by entering *#7370#, thus reinstalling software from ROM.

for me, and anyone else previously on the ancient Three 100.07.76 firmware I would recommend looking into this, it is alot faster UI, improves the camera, gps lock is faster in my experience using sport tracker, i found 12 satellites today (locked onto 5) where before i only use to be able to find only 5 max and lock onto 2.. eventually.

Also if you struggle to get a 3G signal this will allow you the option to revert to GSM only, something which Three lock out in their firmware versions.

no crashes yet, and everything seems to be working fine!

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