Changelog for the E71 Firmware v210.21.006

19 03 2009

Thanks to MMAS here is the changelog for the E71 Firmware v210.21.006:-


– Support for Searching Hungarian Double Consonants, from Easy Dial and Phonebook
– Reserved Homescreen Plug-in UIDs can now be given to partners
– Stability and functionality improvements
– Compliance with FM Radio band requirements for MEA/Tunisia
– Minor stability improvements
– Remote Denial of Service vulnerability fixed.
– Stability improvement in MMS.
– Minor stability improvements
– Stability and Minor Functionality improvement
– New DCC files – Functionality improvement
FS contacts
– Stability and functionality improvement
Share Online
– Minor improvements in functionality.




22 responses

19 03 2009

Well if it wasn’t for the fact my E71 is in slow down mode and needs rebuilding anyway I’m not sure I would be bothered with this update.

19 03 2009

I was ready to reflash my E71 the other day for the exact same problem Barney, so I thought I might as well update and I need to reinstall all my apps anyway.

25 01 2010

Hi sorry to bother you, can you tell me how to do the software upgrade or reflash please.


25 01 2010

you are not bothering me, i’m here to help.

you can simply reflash a device by reconnecting to the PC and NSU and reinstalling the firmware.

to upgrade you can do the same way, if u want to change ur product code to allow u to upgrade then follow instructions HERE

19 03 2009
Ryan Glitaro

Well, I just updated my brand new E71-2 to the release a few days ago. Maybe I’ll wait until I hear more about this new update.

But, I”ve not heard about a slow down issue, so far my E71 is blazing fast compared to my Windows Mobile phone, so I’ve been really enjoying it. How long until I can expect it to need a reflash? Anything I can do to avoid this issue?

19 03 2009

Worth the update?

Does it really improve camera quality?

19 03 2009

inque54: Camera performance in low light is vastly improved.

19 03 2009

Well, my e71 is at NSC at the moment, I had some trouble with NSU. Two minutes before the update was finished the phone lost connection somehow. What a mess…

19 03 2009

When I updated my E71 it got near to the end and said it had a problem and to remove the cable blablabla, but I just left everything the way it was, hit retry and the update finished successfully.

19 03 2009
Abhista’s Symbian Portal » NEW E71 Firmware v210.21.006 Released

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19 03 2009
Duncan Sample

by ‘FS contacts’ does that mean Fullscreen contacts? as in the nice photo when someone calls?

19 03 2009

Not sure what FS means Duncan as I’ve been looking for a new setting to enable fullscreen and can’t find, so must mean something else to Nokia?

19 03 2009
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19 03 2009
E71: il changelog del firmware 210.21.006 : Spaziocellulare News Magazine

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19 03 2009
NokiaSpace - Nokia, Symbian and any more.. » Blog Archive » Nokia E71: Changelog!

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20 03 2009

>- Reserved Homescreen Plug-in UIDs can now be given to partners

will see in the future homescreen plugins from non nokia apps? A WordPress plugin for example?

20 03 2009

the camera at low light its working way better!, and it seems to me the gps is being activated faster too 🙂

21 03 2009

I’ve just gone to upgrade my E71 (after MUCH messing around with PCS and NSU… ploblem fixed by disabling ICS.. which is a new one to me) and supposedly my phone is completely upto date with V100.07.76. Quite confused here. Could it perhaps be because the phone is on Vodafone and they have their own Firmware?

If so.. Any idea on how to overwrite this and install the Nokia release?

23 03 2009
28 03 2009

updated my E71 the very first day it came out. Thankfully I backed up my phone on the memory card. The PC Suite backup utility could not restore despite the fact that the backup file is 21 megs. So beware.

– improved camera quality in dark conditions
– noticibly improved UI performance
– better support for flash content in the browser. Marked performance improvement in loading flash

– web browser crashes with phone restart
– unstable OS leading to frequent automatic restarts and freezing

29 03 2009
Firmwareupdate für das Nokia E71 auf 210.21.006 « Leben des

[…] jetzt gegen die Curse of Silence geschützt sein sollte (Man sollte also updaten!) Hier das Changelog: – Support for Searching Hungarian Double Consonants, from Easy Dial and Phonebook – Reserved […]

1 04 2009

I’m not sure what is going on with the upgrades. I have just upgraded to version 200.21.118 which NSU tells me is the latest version. I have had some problems with previously installed programs (dictionary doesn’t run for example) but some of the changes listed for version 210 seem to apply – faster GPS etc. Does anyone know what the status is of this firmware. What is the real latest version?

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