Hyrax for S60

19 03 2009

Just got an invite to try out Hyrax for S60 which is a new services which will update all your music collection from your PC onto the Hyrax servers and then from a smart application on your S60v3 Nokia phone you will be able to listen to your music via 3G or Wifi anywhere you want 🙂

Hyrax speel:-

With Hyrax your music collection turns instantly into an online repository where you can browse, organize, search, and most importantly listen to your music. Your Hyrax online music collection can also be accessed from your mobile phone immediately upon registration. With Hyrax you can access your entire music collection from anywhere without any syncing or file transfers.

via Hyrax.




4 responses

19 03 2009

Hyrax: All your music on the go…

With the heads up from the Moth, I headed to Hyrax.fm and requested a beta account.
And here\’s the cool part: even though the music had only started uploading (4 out of 1200 or whatever) I could listen to any track, and the Hyrax client would take …

19 03 2009

Looking forward to seeing what you make of this bro…

20 03 2009

can you send me an invite to try out Hyrax for S60?

23 03 2009

I’m totally loving Hyrax, only problem is its taking forever to upload all the songs on my PC, but not sure if that’s a problem with my sky router or Hyrax itself. I do have problems downloading stuff with my router.

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