UPDATE: YouTube goes Symbian native

19 03 2009

The YouTube application has been updated for all S60v3 Nokia phones to version 2.00 and has become Symbian native (Its a SISX file rather than a java one).

Just quickly tested it on my E71 and its quick to move around and when you play a video it opens in fullscreen. Total WINNER 🙂

Download directly from your mobile phone at http://www.youtube.com

UPDATE  24/03/09: If you’re having problems downloading the new youtube application direct from the site, then download HERE




13 responses

19 03 2009

Tested – works as a charm. The only thing missing is the possibility to save the videos for offline viewing . Any workaround on that ?

19 03 2009

Don’t have a workaround, but if u want to download YOUTUBE videos then use MobiTubia http://www.MobiTubia.com

21 03 2009

Hi! I tried downloading mobitubia on my nokia e71, but everytime it says expired certificate. Any suggestions? Thanks.. More power!

20 03 2009

Doesn’t work for me – I get the regular mobile youtube page and if I go to m.youtube.com/app as some other site suggested, I get a message saying that youtube isn’t supported on my device.

20 03 2009

Why is it not on the N96?

21 03 2009

Strange,. i get that my e71 doesnt support it 😦 why?

is it somewhere i can download the sisx file?

22 03 2009

Change the date on you phone to 2008 and try installing again. Then once installed change the date back to 2009.

22 03 2009

It’s brill! working perectly on my E71 it’s got to be app of the year 2009 !

22 03 2009

i get a message “phone is not supported” from m.youtube.com. i have nokia e63 and i used its web browser

22 03 2009

For all users that gets “Phone is not supported” error message, try change language to english and country to worldwide and go to m.youtube.com/app

it seems that not all countries/langs are supported

23 03 2009

Thanks, that worked. Too bad that the image quality is poor. I don’t think the videos are even 100 pixels wide.

24 03 2009

low quality playback and low speed search. I think mobitubia is still better.

24 03 2009

I do like MobiTubia myself, I like to keep videos. Don’t know why YOUTUBE never added login feature into their app?

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