Is this the end of Mobbler?

25 03 2009

Earlier on today I got some really bads news from Mickyfin via Twitter on a Gizmodo story about blocking all non-official third-party mobile applications from using their service. This would mean the very well developed S60 application Mobbler would be blocked from using serivces. Not good, not good…

Gizmodo says: Hot off an announcement that they’d be charging for radio access outside the US, UK and Germany, has said that all non-official mobile clients will be banned.

via Gizmodo.

UPDATE: Go to the website HERE and add your own comment to the discussion?




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26 03 2009

Post from a member of staff says they are working to get mobbler on to the official APIs: <a href=”″. Though it looks like anyone outside of UK/US/Germany won’t be able to listen without a subscription.

28 03 2009
Simon Hayes

As a LastFM subscriber, Mobbler has become my usual way of accessing LastFM, which I often want to listen to when NOT sitting next to a computer. Much as I’ve enjoyed LastFM, I doubt I’ll be renewing my subscription if they go ahead with this plan to block access from mobile devices.

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