What’s wrong with the N96?

25 03 2009

is it really wrong that I had a dream last night about Nokia Beta Labs updating stuff so it actually works on the N96?”


This was a post on Jaiku by @munkimatt (aka nokiageek) which got me thinking about why the N96 for all of Nokia’s promotion has not been given great reviews by nokia addicts/gurus/geeks/bloggers on the net.

So what’s wrong with the N96? Well its not the power house device it was made out/promised to be.  The initial version 11 firmware of the N96 was a step back for Nokia after the previous version 30 firmware release of the N95 8GB which for me and others made the N95 8GB the Dog Bollocks.

Newer updates to the N96 Firmware have significantly improved the speed and stability of the N96, but its just that the flagship S60v3 FP2 device still doesn’t live up to the promise and still has problems with some software, most noteably newer apps from the Nokia Betalab guys, just take Nokia Maps v3.0 and Share on OVI v4.0 as an example. Just ask any Nokian if they carry a N96 about as their main phone?




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25 03 2009

I have a N96 and I love it.
I see it as an all round device that does alot but I admit it’s not great.
Whats wrong with it, well V12 firmware should have been the release firmware and I’m sure I’ll say that about the rumoured V20 firmware.

25 03 2009

Long life to N95-2 !

25 03 2009

I just don’t see the point of it to be honest.

26 03 2009

I stand one day reading reviews looking to videos and what i understand is the n96 have problems.I want to buy n96(i use n95 8gb).But i saw nokia dont have time for this or was born with problems from the beggining(navi wheel).Dont like 5800 xpress or n97.

27 03 2009
O que há de errado com o Nokia N96? | rodrigostoledo.com

[…] interessante discussão foi iniciada por um post do Nokia Addict sobre o Nokia N96, um aparelho com uma grande configuração e design excelente, mas que não […]

24 04 2009

rubbish the n 96 is very good . Better than the n 95 8gb although they are very good . Most s folks just dont know how to use these things.

And to say most people dont use there n 96 as there main device is crap !!!

6 05 2009
Nokia N96 - v20.50 Firmware on the NSU / OTA « nokiAAddict.com

[…] it still looks like this phone just isn’t as good as it should be (see Gerrymoth’s post here ), hopefully a further update with Nokia Maps 3 and Share for Ovi might just give this phone the […]

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