nokiAAddict is 1 Year Old Today

26 03 2009

The website is 1 year old today. I’d like to thank everyone for their interaction in making running the site enjoyable, via either comments on the site itself or on one of the many Social Networks I use.

Its been a quick year and I’ve seen the site grow from a few friends visiting to getting anywhere between 2000 to 7000 hits a day, depending on the news item (Firmware updates are always a good hitter).

I’ve reviewed several phones and accessories during the year, but my main love has always been the applications you can use on S60 powered devices. I love finding new applications to do something different or something quicker or something better. I introduced the Downloads page to help others sample the applications I use on my phone and I’ve created my own Podcast Web Directory to allow you to subscribe to the very best podcasts.

The has always been a one man show, with myself the gerrymoth running the show and its all been done in my spare time and at my own expense. I don’t and will never have Ads on my site. I’ve received goodies from several companies/individuals along the way, these goodies have been things like free licenses for products or stickers (I do like my stickers, anyone got NOKIA ones???) and last year I was given some phones (Nokia N95 8GB, N78, N82, N96) to trial thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia.

If you where on Twitter yesterday you may have heard me rant a little bit, I’ve calmed down now and had a very good think about what I want to do with this site going forward. The trial phones seem to have dried up, so I’m going it alone and will focus on what I’m doing with MY phones and not what’s going on in the world of NOKIA. I’m armed at the moment with a Nokia N95 8GB, E71 and 5800XM, I’ve sold my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet as I wasn’t using it that much and I got a bit bored with it as well, so the Mameo side of this might dry up a bit. But be reassured armed with the best Nokia phone I’ve ever had the E71 and my other secondary phones you’ll still get the very best applications to try on your phones and if companies want me to try out any of their accessories I’ll be quite happy to help them out.


 Coming Soon: New improved Downloads page, improved podcast & streaming music directory and post on what the gerrymoth does on his E71.




9 responses

26 03 2009
Arjun Parsi

Congrats Gerry

26 03 2009

Thanks Arjun 🙂

26 03 2009
Rodrigo Toledo


26 03 2009

Many Congratulations! I am personally a great fan of yours! Keep the good work up! Yours is the one of the most useful and helpful site for us!

26 03 2009

Congratulations and thanks for ur best performance.

26 03 2009

Congratulations Gerry. I second that, one of the most useful sites that i’ve come across. I make sure to visit it regularly…. Keep up the good work, and may nokiaaddict have many many more birthdays to celebrate…

Congrats… will follow you even more religiously now, since im owning the Nokia flagship e71 myself…

Cheers mate !


26 03 2009

Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your knowledge; as a new Nokia user, your site made my transition from SE and Palm very easy.

Still searching for why the Reuters, will not download any streams. Keep up the brilliant work.


27 03 2009

i hope i can fine more useful software and article in your blog.

6 04 2009

Good Skillz Gerry … you know my phone wouldn’t work without your help sir 🙂 Congratulations and all the best for another year mate – be well 🙂 A

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