Let the S60 Twitter Wars Begin

28 03 2009

Everyone has been asking for a decent native twitter application for ages (sorry all those java apps, but you don’t cut it) and recently I’ve been beta testing a great application called Gravity by Mobileways.de which I’ve been raving about here and on twitter which fills that gap.

Yesterday I posted Gravity would be made available to the public this Monday 30th March 2009, but a comment from Sophie on the post claimed Gravity is not the only S60 Twitter application and mojosmobile had Twittix in beta awaiting to be launched which would blow Gravity away?

‘Let the S60 Twitter Wars Begin’

It looks like I’ll be getting an updated beta version of Twittix on Monday to try out, but so far I’ve been told Twittix will have:-

– all functions from original Twitter
– incl. Blacklist
– incl. Search
– incl. TwitPic
– incl. Groups and Categories
– Multiple Accounts

Ah, and so much more 🙂

I’ve not hear of Mojosmobile before, but the CEO & Owner of MojosMobile was the previous CEO of famous Symbianware and seems he wants to shake the Nokia S60 market up a bit and plans to bring out another 7 apps for S60. From what I’ve heard there maybe an app similar to HandyShell in the making?




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30 03 2009

Gravity is officially out. It’s USD $9.95 over at mobileways.de

30 03 2009

Been reading everyone’s thoughts on Gravity so far today and I think everyone agrees it ROCKS, but some have questioned if the price is too high compared to iphone/G1 apps. Preparing a blog post for tomorrow hopefully with everyones thoughts.

30 03 2009
Micky Aldridge

Any work on the Twittix app mate?

I too have been watching the flood of thanks, and complements for Gravity via a set search on Tweetdeck/Twitter, and almost everyone is more than happy with what they got for their money, and many, its been their first time experience in purchasing an application for their handsets, this speaks volumes in itself. Only one person Im aware of has complained about the price, although they agree, that Gravity does indeed ROCK!

30 03 2009

Expected to get a version of twittix soon, been hearing they latest versions now shows the full tweet as early screenshots I’ve seen Twittix only showed part and u had to select the tweet to view the full.

30 03 2009
Micky Aldridge

Cool, look forward to seeing it. I did request to Beta Test it also, but never heard back from them sadly.

31 03 2009

twittix sounds interesting, I wonder how much it will cost?

I posted a review on gravity today over at my blog. Please check it out 🙂


31 03 2009

I noticed a tweet late last night which mentioned Twittix might have 2 pricing options, $5 for single account and $10 for multi-account use, still not been confirmed yet. Oh and mojosmobile still haven’t sent the beta version they promised me last night? Just sending an email to see what’s happening

31 03 2009
Micky Aldridge

Very interesting. Im sensing some hot air, are you?

3 05 2009

The only thing that irks me about gravity is the tiny font size which is a terrible strain on the eyes after a long day in the office. To me, it’s not functional if I can’t read the text so I wish I share your excitement over Gravity but I don’t.

7 05 2009
Twittix Demo

I tried demo of twittix but I mis-entered my twitter info, and now it won’t let me delete that account – seems flawed is the retail any better?

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